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2021-05-26 09:32:00 (UTC)

Sorry for the things I said❤️

"Sorry for the things I said while Mercury was in retrograde" (haha, perfect, I will be using this lol)
Good Morning!💧
It's a rainy day today which is quite welcomed. It's been so humid and dry, the trees and flowers I have planted need the extra love from mother nature lol. I love thunderstorms and rainy days, it's perfect for cuddling up with a blanket and a hot tea which is what I intend to do as soon as I am done running a few errands, oh almost forgot I have therapy today too.

I did manage a run at 6:30 am. It had rained but wasn't when I made the decision to run at the park, by the time I was almost done it started spitting again so I made the run back to my car just in time for the rain to come down pretty steady lol. Thank you mother nature for waiting haha.

I had another batch of wild dreams. I finally remembered one! haha, One I actually wrote down when I woke for a brief moment. It was about someone I knew but they had passed and upon their burial, they were upset they weren't buried next to the ones I have loved and lost. So I buried them there as I wanted to respect their feelings, odd eh? haha. I wasn't sure who the dream was about when I first woke but having taken dream analysis/dream study I have an understanding of what it means and who it was and I confirmed it with my girlfriend this morning lol, I can only imagine her face waking to that text hahaha. I do not remember the rest of them but at least I remembered one. I have so many dreams lately and I have not been taking my sleeping pills so I can't blame that lol.

I had someone reach out to me here stating they were a MA researcher asking if they could use one of my entries for their study, I asked which, I have not heard back yet. Do they think I am crazy? haha I don't mind if it's for research but I kinda wanna know which and what the study is about.

I was wrong, Mercury Retrograde starts May 29th, So I will write about that in days to come. It was the Blood Moon that happened early this morning. The Blood Moon In Sagittarius takes place on May 26, 2021, at 7:13 a.m. Eastern time. the total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the first one of the year, so it may feel a bit intense, especially for mutable signs. Eclipses essentially mark a period of major change, and because Sagittarius revolves around communication and knowledge, the spiritual meaning of the May 2021 total lunar eclipse (aka blood moon) is all about transforming your mindset. Supermoons are considered more “powerful” than any other moon and the closer the moon is to Earth, the more intense its pull is. This affects the tides, your instincts, feelings, and even complications in life. So, when you combine this supermoon with a lunar eclipse, you get one powerful concoction of cosmic forces. The belief is not to charge your crystals at that time and not to manifest anything in your life during this day. Just in case you are wondering what it means haha. I am more looking forward to Mercury Retrograde lol.

Ok, I need to get motivated!

Have a wonderful day!❤️

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