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2021-05-25 20:18:47 (UTC)

If it wasn't for gym class 😀

You don't want this showing on your desktop. I'm so glad I go to crossfit. If not for that, I'd be super duper upset at my boss's lack of management skills. He backs this guy up even though he is a mess-up but treats me so unfairly. I think it's because I'm right a lot and he don't like it. He is a micro manager and a liar. I have a friend that could scope him out if I asked but I don't need special powers to know what he is. Also, my desktop got patched and since then, I have no access to it. I've been unable to work since 12PM. I do have teams so that's all I can do. A little frustrating because I have a big project but meh..... can't sweat the small stuff.

After gym lass, It's all good. Got the good chemicals flowing in me. Speaking of the gym, the 4:30 class has a lot of new people that I'm starting to get to know which is nice. Slowly getting to know them so in time, it'll be at the point where we can chat comfortably as friends. I'll probably have nicknames for them too like some of the people I befriended already. Funny that they like and accept what I call them. Fake Newbie, Superstar, Rookie, Hawaiian, etc, etc. These newer people seem like they are in shock and still surprised they'e in these classes. Reminds me of when I started. lol. They'll be fine in a couple weeks and I'll start to make small talk and make them feel better.

Just got home trying to get my desktop at work going but it's a no-go. Time for dinner and some vino.

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