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2021-05-25 23:08:20 (UTC)

Sucks to be u - I’d rather be me!

Today wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was my scl inset day. I was gonna meet up with Rachel today to record but I’m actually kind of glad we didn’t. My dad said I hadn’t ‘earned’ it. Last time I wrote I was flipping out about how I’m good as gold but I’m not allowed to do stuff but my friends get told off and went Thorpe Park! Don’t get me started...

Anyways, on the BRIGHT SIDE I realised that me and Rachel needed much more time to prepare to record. We were no where near ready. We needed to think about clothing, hair, parts, and many, many more things. I spent the day practicing all the hairstyles I have to do to myself and stuff.

I mean, if I had gone to Rachel’s house then I wouldn’t have find out that I want to change up my hair. I want it to be chest length or upper stomach length. U may be thinking that upper stomach length is still really long but when u c my hair then u will be like ‘never mind’. My hair at the moment goes down to the bottom of my.. *giggles childishly* .. bum! So u could say that my hair is really, quite, every so, very long. Ella said that my hair would suit me either as it is now or a bit below the chest.
Yeh I like being able to style my long hair in very many ways but I would still be able to style it a lot as it wouldn’t be too short. I want it to be Rachel Green length. Oh my gosh did I just say that?! Did I just say I want my hair to be like a character from F•R•I•E•N•D•S? (Embarrassing much)

But it’s true. I want my hair to be like Rachel Green’s. Not her colour cos I like my hair colour and her colour would NOT suit me. Plus, I’m a Monica. A Monica who wants her hair to be like Rachel’s but still a Monicary colour. D’you get me? U probably don’t but whatever.

I want a change. But only my hair. Cos I like myself just as I am and I can’t just change who I am and pretend to be someone I’m not. I don’t think I’d like having to pretend to be someone else just so ppl like me. The reason I have the friends I have is because I act like myself and don’t really hide anything about me. And if u don’t like that then u can just, u know, get out of my life. If u don’t like an OCD (but not diagnosed) creep, even if u just find it funny, then go away. If u don’t like a really loud, chatty person, then just LEAVE. If u don’t like someone who gives advice to ppl when they r stuck in any situation, LEAVE. If u don’t like someone who is direct and gives u the tough reality of things, LEAVE. If u don’t like someone who is sometimes accidentally aggressive cos they want to win a game, LEAVE. If u don’t like someone who tries to stay out of trouble and tries not to fight, LEAVE. Looking to mess with someone to start a fight with them, u got the wrong person, I ain’t fighting u as weak as u may be, LEAVE. If u don’t like someone who shows who they r no matter how cringey or weird it may be, LEAVE (but leave quietly cos or else you’ll give me a migraine).
Wow. That’s 7 LEAVEs. I am a true Monica. I’m a poet and I don’t know it. (That didn’t make sense in the situation but whatever). A non-friends fan would probably BE very confused but whatever if u don’t like that, LEAVE. Ooops that’s 8 LEAVEs. Well it was 7 at the time I wrote it sooo.

That just got real deep.
Ooo ooo, another personality trait I have is that when something gets really deep or serious I laugh it off or I get all random and weird. (If u didn’t notice from the way I changed the subject above☝️⬆️)

Uuuurgh I have to go to scl again tomorrow. And I have PE, but that’s fine cos I actually like PE and I am a sporty person. Plus, I get to c Tre tomorrow so u know. ;)
The rest of the lessons r boring tho so wish me luck diary person, thing, whatever (Who the flip am I actually talking to?!) I just realised that I am talking to my DIARY as if it were a person. What the flip is wrong with me?! Anyways, it can’t be too unnatural, right? Everyone talks to their diary like a normal person, right? I am still doing it, right?

Uuuuuurgh I need help.
Mental help.
I need mental therapy lol.

This is why my friends r friends with me. I’m weird and they like it cos I show it. I’m a weird, funny, chatty, loud, competitive, direct, sincere, friendly, OCD (undiagnosed) maniac, midget person. And they seem to like it. I hope Tre likes it too. That why I am friends with him in the first place. I feel like he gets me. U know? We always have laughs together and have the same sense of humor, and he’s just sooo kind and he tries his best to stay out of trouble. Even though some of the teachers have gotten mad at him before but it’s always just cos for chatting. I’ve gotten into trouble by the same few teachers for chatting all the time.

Here’s a few tips for the future...

1. When ppl tell u that u r weird, laugh and say ‘I know! Thanks’

2. When ppl call u a midget u have two options:
‘Wow I didn’t know that! Really? R u absolutely sure?!’
‘That’s only cos I’m standing next to an oversized, ugly giant. But don’t hate yourself for it!’

3. When someone says ur dumb say ‘I used up my last two brain cells listening to u’

4. When life gives u lemons squeeze the life out of them and make lemonade or eat them as they r. I know I probably would if I didn’t have the ingredients.

5. When ppl talk about u, leave it, they’re just jealous cos they’re too afraid to show their inner selves. Be u

6. Never forget that u are u and u can’t change that. So embrace it!

Wow, I’ve turned into a flipping people encourager or whatever.

I don’t even know who I am talking to but I LOVE IT!!!

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