Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-05-25 22:29:30 (UTC)

Venus in my Vag

Yes, Venus is in my vag, and she is calling for her Mars man to destroy her!

Lmaoooo, oh my, holy fuckery.....I had sooooo seduced another man of war! The man is on FIRE! And I absofuckinlutely love the burn! It looks like this femme fatale is about to aim her bow and light that arrow and show the mars man how well this woman of war fights.

Hehehehehe - Medusa eyes! LOL

P.s) that guy I spoke to on the phone the other night was alright; we chatted for a couple of hours; it was pleasant and fun, but I didn't want to meet him, so I never texted back after our phone call.

BUT......after being a hermit and focusing on my boooooring anti-vag fun workload and business, and watching some trite on tv. I dropped by Hinge, and casually without any enthusiasm whatsoever, scrolled through the catalogue of high-quality men. I stumbled across a rather catch-my-eye-and-catch-my-vag handsome chappy....lmaooo, still with little enthusiasm; I didn't even message him, just liked a very standardized photo of his and Mr Mars of Fire checked little ole me out and messaged me, hehehe.

Well, we were hooked right from the off, engaging, humorous, seductive tension, curiousty and inquisition proceeded smoothly. So much so, he already mentioned he wanted to see me right at that moment - another Aries man (like 'my ex guy'), which btw I never knew this fact until later in the conversation, but I could tell, as he is fired up. I can't do wet blankets for long.

This one has got kids, but they are late teens. Divorced and he has dark hair, mmm, tall, and OH-MY-Fkn-GoD, has Russian in him; his surname is Russian, but he is originally from Canada but lived in the UK for twenty odd years......I have a fetish for Russians!!!! Even though he isn't properly Russian but sort of, lmao. Fuck it, just spank me hard, call me a whore and spit on my face while I'm drowning in your heavy meat.

Happy Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse tomorrow, folks! I'll be getting wet......again :D