If I die today
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2021-05-25 08:00:53 (UTC)

annoying reject

Pretty cranky n crabby today but its well contained. IDK what I need maybe a vaction.. alone. Everythings bothering me but 1st. I'm all right physically small short run yesterday with the dog just to see it was allright so tryin more today. slept from about 11 to 6ish. Diet is still sh!t. oh speakin of .. resolved "constiaption" that was short lived. Still feeling pretty much like a failure but not as pittiful of an attudide. Im starting to get annoyed about doing EVERYTHInG with the dog we dont take a freakin minute away from him. HE needs some alone time if you ask me. I get he gets all uncontent but he's annoying after a while. the C monster strikes again Idk if our relationship will last this bc shes been texting him and wanting him to come to dinner and hell I dont give a shit if he wants dinner with his family but then he asked if I could come and she responded asshole. Then she told him a few days ago to just leave me home so he could visit her.. She's been texting a lot then she freakin called and this pisses me off why engage her he shared with her that we went to get a pizza (well breadstickS) but couldnt bc I have allergies. WTH ? Why does she need to be that involved in our lives. Cant tell noone anything. He told me that eventually I'm gonna have to meet his family which is fine but I do not need her and I'm not going to do anything with her around NOT someone I need in my life and she obivloulsly cant or wont get over him and is playin a dam game hes all oh well C is the olny one thats gonna have a problem with you. IDK yet what I'm gonna do but I think NO MEANS NO and that I shouldnt have to meet this woman even for my man. I think its fair bc I did warn him I know I'm about to fuck up my life but I've been screwed befroe what do you do? She's clearlly not someone who wouold add anything to my life and doesnt need to be inserted. Oh and on annoyonces this man knows not what he does.. He tries but things that annoy me so I should dwell but yesterday he bought home towels from work that had a note on them clean please take.. OK heres my thinking we know everyone at RP is sooo honest right? SEcondly WTH ? I speficlly brought 2 sets of towels here for US for both of us and he has yet to touch the ones I brung? and 3rdly he brought them in the house then I suggested they go outside in case theres bugs till we can wash them. WOuldnt ya know that shit made it to the shed.. Yet my water and cleaner all sits outside and also I have stuff in the shed that well now has them all on it. BUt to be honest I will never go in there and use any of that old apartment shit anyway I'm so sour I have every intention of getting new stuff and dont consider that food acceptiable anymore since its been out there. Just as the water out front I probally wont. Anyhow off of the complaints.. What should you know about me today? Proablly not much I dont have much inention on anything other than revamping my clothes to be nicer presented I want to get more better food options to to sustain health and I'm waiting for the atty to say something to tell me the status of my divorce. NOt much compassion but I hope to have a more greatful heart later. y Lindsey is the next person I want ot gift to for her bday so thats on my satruday shopping adeganda on amazon then Dad for fathers day. Thats what matters mostly.

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