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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-25 09:49:00 (UTC)

There is a spark behind her eyes❤️

Listening to: Private Parts - Halestorm
"There's a spark behind her beautiful eyes that you just can't see but if she lets you get close to her and hold her hand you can feel the electricity and that's when you know her love is one of a kind and something you never want to lose"
Good Morning!☀️
It is a sticky one out there, the ac is running consistently. I managed to get up and go for a run in the big park, I ran 3.5k, it felt so good but I was so sweaty and tired. I drove home and had an ice-cold shower lol. I need to run a few errands and I am having coffee with a friend.

I had a really trippy dream last night it actually spooked me. I woke feeling so itchy and sweaty. I had to rip the covers off to cool down but I couldn't shake this dream and it took me a bit to fall back asleep. I slept deep after that until 6 am then I headed out for my run.

Firstly, I wanted to share this amazing tarot read.. It's so beautiful, I had to share❤️
This message really does echo the twin flame tarot message from earlier but it really may be about more than just love. You'll soon have lots of choices and you'll have to take control and choose the direction you want to move in. You've completed a big chapter in your healing which included learning how to accept responsibility for your part and your healing and not projecting onto others. As a result of your understanding, you are about to celebrate a big success. I feel a milestone achievement is coming soon. You have recently lost a relationship/friendship. You've been learning through grief and you have faced your disappointments head on which wasn't comfortable at the time but because you did this, you have changed your future story. Lots of people stay stuck in a victim mindset and don't take responsibility for their choices or journey because it's hard to face our shadows. You have faced yours head-on and this has changed your life completely. I haven't stopped hearing a round of applause since I started channeling. Your hard work has changed the paths now available to you. New ones have opened up. Choose wisely 💗
Last night I watched my favorite chick flick, Sweet Home Alabama. It's about a complicated love but a love between true twin flames. It made me remember love isn't perfect. You just have to find the one worth fighting for. Twin flames are one soul in two bodies and they mirror one another so conflict will happen but you will never find love and a connection like the one in twin flames. After the movie, I spent an hour on the phone with my girlfriend. We talked about love and relationships and I realized I genuinely miss it. Those random texts all day long, good morning texts and goodnight texts. I really miss being held, kissed, and made love to. I miss love and all the feelings that go along with it, good and bad, so - I decided I am ready to put myself back out there to the possibility of meeting someone special and to the universe to bring me what is mine when the time is right. The only thing is with Mercury Retrograde arriving tomorrow it's a bit risky to do at the moment. During Mercury retrograde, it's best to really think about any big decisions.. Because Mercury rules communication, this can lead to issues regarding that exact thing, which can potentially ruin a budding romance BUT it can also bring on a wonderful one or rekindle an old one and make it more successful. I think love is sometimes worth the risk. So while I am not *looking* for it. I am open to meeting people. For some of you, It can also be the perfect time to consider getting back with an ex if you've been wanting to do that. Exes are very likely to pop up during retrogrades as everyone is thinking about their pasts. If it feels right for you, go for it. I can tell you this is true as I had one ex pop up recently (this past week) but uh, pass haha. She told me I should message the man from this weekend but I am debating lol. I will write more about Mercury Retrograde tonight. There are so many explanations as to why people are feeling off lately. Hopefully, it will help.

Ok, I am off!

Have a wonderful day!❤️