This Is It - 2021
2021-05-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

Graduation Day


I was right, I really wasn't able to get much done in the way of cleaning/organizing my room today, but that's because I was busy with other stuff. Namely: My sister graduated! Graduations really are such a nice and LONG ordeal

I've mentioned before being emotional about my sister growing up recently, and today was absolutely not an exception to those feelings. It made them so much worse. My first memory is my dad putting me to bed, and us stopping to say goodnight and give goodnight kisses to my mom and my sister, who was - at the time - very much still in my mom's belly. I remember this kid from before she was BORN and now she's old enough to be like, graduating high school and going to college and stuff? Absolutely not. Not allowed

It was a nice day, though, bittersweet emotions aside. She was flaunting her little cap and gown for pictures and having a good time reminiscing on the past few years - even if she did spend most of the last two in COVID-caused online classes. She's mostly just happy to be out, but I wonder if nostalgia will hit her in a bit. It certainly did for me. Although I did actually LIKE my high school, as much as one can actually like high school, so I guess we'll see

That was most of today, honestly. Two practices, a ceremony, bee-boppin around town.

(Serious note - we saw another dead body on the road driving back today. There was an accident and we passed by close enough to said accident occurring that the whole area wasn't completely Blocked Off yet. I note this mostly because it's the second time this has happened in about a year - at least the second since I came back because of lockdown starting. I hope there is SOMETHING in the future that's able to push the number of motor fatalities down, because I am getting tired of having to pass corpses when I just want to go home. I don't know, this one just hit kinda hard for some reason. Or maybe I'm just tired. Or maybe I'm just feeling off because I felt something about a stranger's death when violence and death are just. The Norm now. instead of just passing it off. Or maybe I should just sleep)

I think I'm just going to go to sleep now

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