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2021-05-24 23:09:43 (UTC)

Silly moment 😱

I felt something on my leg like dried skin. Looking down, I see a cut that had dried up! I can't believe it! I didn't do anything at the gym that could have caused it. Slightly alarmed thinking "Oh man! Growing old to the point where I don't know when I actually hurt myself?". Getting ready to clean it up so it doesn't get infected, I pull out the container of clorox wipes. The ones that has anti virus and bacteria cleaning in it meaning there is bleach in it and it will burn like an emmer-effer. Had to do it so I pulled out the sheet and knowing a lot of blood dried up, I folded the sheet expecting to flip it over as I get the dried blood out. Started wiping and bracing for the painful burn that was sure to come. So I wipe and wipe. I don't feel anything yet. I thought the blood had cauterized to the point it's already hard and not penetrating. I rub harder and the dried blood is all gone. Only it wasn't blood but dried up bbq sauce that dripped on my leg earlier and obviously didn't clean it good enough. Doh!! So stupid sometimes. But hey!! NO pain after all.

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