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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-24 19:41:00 (UTC)

You will never face them alone ❤️

Listening to: The Search is over - Survivor
"I can't fix all your problems but I can promise you, you will never face them alone"
Good Evening!🌙
I had a great day outdoors working on my yard but I am even more burnt now. It' hurts to touch my skin lol. I am achy too from all the bending and shoveling. It's a good burn. I feel accomplished and my yard is looking better every day.

I was laying on my bed scrolling Tiktok, addictive I know lol. I found this page called "Loveyounotes" oh dear god don't watch that page unless you want to cry haha. It's a man's handwriting on paper and he writes out expressions of love and everything he loves and feels about/with his girl. She's a lucky woman. It put me all in my feels lol. I had to stop watching it as I don't want to cry lol. Tonight I am just playing with my tarot cards and reading, kind of relaxing. I am off again tomorrow so hoping to go for a run in the park before it gets too hot. Supposed to feel 31C tomorrow with humidity close to 40C. That's a bit too hot lol.

I wanted to share this, It kind of resonates with what I wrote above. I wanted to save it here.

Quietly she waits
Hidden safely inside her cocoon
Sheltered as if reincarnated from hurt and sorrow
Waiting for her time to bloom
Escape your walls of safety
Come out and see the view
Let the world see you for all your glory
The beautiful butterfly that you are
The world is yours now
Spread your wings now lovely
Fly on the breeze of your content
Take wing beautiful butterfly
Fly free and be who you dream to be
Allow yourself your freedom
It’s your time for you be all that you are
Fly Beautiful Butterfly, Fly

I hope you have a wonderful evening!❤️