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2021-05-24 16:34:02 (UTC)

Just one thing can flip that scale 😊

Busy day once again. I dropped off my truck to get it souped up. Should be done by Thursday afternoon. Friday the latest. Anyway, work was blazing. My boss always got something silly to say trying to micromanage me but I simply give him a virtual stick-tongue and just kept working. Good thing I got some good smart friends to help me out on this big project I just got.

Anyway, the day was going pretty smoothly even though it's a Monday and work is going like a hundred mph but then I get this one message that just makes the world stop dead on it's tracks. It was just a nice message from my friend CC that just makes me pump the brakes, stop my work, turn off Microsoft teams mtgs, and just adore the message I received. She is a special sweetie for sure. I've met a lot of people here in CA and none moves me like she can. Of course, she's thousands of miles away so I can only be with her in spirit and in thoughts. But I read her message and it just changed my mood. Good reminder to enjoy life and not be so caught up with work.

So with that, I need to get ready for my crossfit class. Got my new shoes on and I can't wait to try it out. Hehe. I sometimes forget to enjoy the simple things in life. hehe. Maybe I should set reminders to do so on my Alexa. BTW, I almost gagged at Costco the other day. I asked Alexa what was on my shopping list. She told me the normal stuff but I had forgotten that I jokingly asked Alexa something a couple weeks ago and she blurted out "orgasm" on speakerphone!!! Crap!!! Note to self. No more drunk Alexing from now on.