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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-05-24 19:19:00 (UTC)

Such young love!

What an amazing weekend, my nephew came to visit me all the way from Montana, he brought his girlfriend to introduce her to me. I had such a wonderful time, she is a very sweet and smart girl. And we got to take them out to the natural springs they where having so much fun as were we, my doughter could not get enough of them both.
Seeing such young love and future couples always makes me miss those early days with my husband, we sure have been through so much together and at the same time have grown a lot these last couple of years, he has not stop telling me how much he apreciates and loves me. He has been talking to his shrink and I've seen him express his feelings more now than he had ever before, and to be honest I like this part of him, gently and loving. Yet we still have a lot to work on.
Today I got a LBS and it had been a while since my sugar droped so I'm not feeling my best today. Am excited about the new things hapening and will continue to prepare my self for my coming test and class online where all share my life expirience with essencial oils. It will be amazing. Just have to work on the details of my presentation and keep on practecing public speaking, because I still get a little nervous. But I will do fine am sure of it. have a nice week start peeps. Smiles life is wonderful!!

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