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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-05-24 09:36:00 (UTC)

My love & loyalty are always on point❤️

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"Sometimes I don't have it all together but my love & loyalty are always on point"
Good Morning!☀️
The sun is fighting to come out. It's a bit cooler but a perfect day to end a great weekend! It's a long weekend here in Canada, Victoria Day weekend so today is a holiday. I am not working but being paid anyways :)

I slept really sporadically. I had the weirdest experience last night. Before sleep I have been meditating more and telling my guides I am open to having them in my life and open to messages from them or others. It's something I have been doing more the last few weeks. As I was drifting off I got what's known in the spiritual realm as Downloads. As a psychic medium and an intuitive, I have received them before but there was a huge gap in my life I hadn't, until recently. To explain them easiest it's Lightning fast access to higher information – wisdom you would not otherwise be able to access or even understand. It can be flashes of visions or thoughts that are not your own or come at random about something or someone. For me, last night, I saw flashing lights, emergency lights all around the lights spinning and the sound of radiofrequency like in police cars or ambulances. E kept coming to mind. I panicked. I grabbed my phone and called him..4x until he answered. I could not get the words out but I explained what I saw. Apparently, his mother had fallen and was taken by ambulance to the hospital and he was there with her. She is ok, thank god. She's such a sweet woman. It kind of tripped me out honestly. Then as I was falling asleep, I received two more about two other people. One I did mention to them this morning, another.. I don't think it's my place to reach out as I don't think it would be a welcomed message regardless why I am reaching out. It seems delving deeper into my spiritual side lately is opening all kinds of doors lol. I don't mind but how about sending me some happier ones lol. I am still not used to downloads as it's only something I have experienced periodically throughout my life. I do remember before feeling them my fingertips will tingle and the download usually leaves me speechless and more like a *wow* experience, sometimes my adrenaline runs and I have a hard time relaxing after but sometimes just before (or even during) the download, I will get a sense of quiet, stillness, as though I feel nothing at all. I find the emotions hit me more after the download has come through. I will write after getting one in my paper journal as I want to remember them and perhaps tell the person exactly what it was when we talk. I believe I have had a few this week but did not really recognize them as downloads until understanding this one.

Yesterday was a long ride home from the cottage where I commenced my infamous car karaoke and sang all the way home lol. We had taken two cars so I was alone in mine as I went up first. It felt good. Few songs seriously drive emotions within me and always seem to come at the right time and I hit those notes or intensity quite hard. I stopped on the way home at the nursery here and bought the most beautiful Cala Lily. Sooo beautiful. I also bought a tree and some flowers so planting on my agenda today so I will end it here and have my shower.

Thank you SO much to the few who have reached out. It truly means a lot to have such an amazing community here.. and to SS, thank you for always being there as my friend. I have been blessed with such a great friend since writing here years ago.

Have a wonderful day!❤️