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2021-05-23 21:19:52 (UTC)

Then end of a productive weekend 😊

Got crap done this weekend. Truck is buttoned up ready for me to take it in to the shop tomorrow. Got my ride set up for the ride back home. Made sure old faithful is gassed up and looking ok. Wash and waxed it since it'll be my only mode of transportation this week. I should be getting my truck back either Thursday or Friday. Forgot how fast and nimble my car is. It's old. A 2007 Acura TL but only about 112K miles on it and I just had the 100K service done to it. Still got lots of life in it and still fast as heck.

I was able to smoke some baby back ribs last night. I cut the racks in half so I could fit it in my two smokers without any issues. There were 12 of these all together and I am gonna help make my gym peeps a little fatter tomorrow. hehe. Started late at around 9PM. Didn't finish till 3AM. Good thing I had a lot of energy last night. There are two rubs that I like to use and I barely had enough of it last night to finish the batch I had. I tried some last night and today. They were perfect. A few batches ago, they were a little too fall off the bone for me. Now there is some tug when I bite into it just the way I like it. I see a good smoke ring on them and can smell and taste the smoke so for sure it isn't boiled, oven baked or cooked by propane. I love my smokers.

Of course, I made time for shopping because I love shopping🤪. Got more socks and a pair of Under Armor shoes. Check it out. It'll make me run faster, jump higher, last longer, and look cool doing it. Pfffft!! Not! Won't do anything of the sorts. It'll just feel more comfortable and maybe look a little cool for the week since it's new. Didn't realize till I went to the checkout counter that it was $140. Back in the day, that'd have bought me maybe 5 pairs of shoes. But that was then. Life's different now. No more holes on the bottom of my shoes getting my socks wet when walking on a wet sidewalk. As far as the one pair that's sort of flattened out on me? It'll now be my camping shoes. You know the ones that will look ugly as heck after camp from mud and dirt that can't really be cleaned anymore? That's the shoe graveyard my workout shoes go to after it's worn out.

Still so excited for my truck. Also, come mid June we'll be back to normal pre-covid status. Fully opened stores and restaurants. Fully opened gym. No more masks. That's gonna be a big welcome because I have to admit, new friends were harder to make with all this going on. I was just lucky I already had a bunch of friends to keep me afloat.

More good things are coming this summer. Getting my raise in August too. Actually July but the extra funds will come in our Aug paycheck. All this while the world is falling apart. Gotta find the positive where you can get it :) Good night diary. Thanks again for letting me spin my hamster wheel here.

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