Teen Life
2021-05-23 23:10:17 (UTC)

No one told me life was gonna be this way

I have three best friends who I share everything with. These three people r the only ones I have personally told about my crush. They r Anna, Rachel, and Ella (who u have already heard about).

Me and Rachel r both HUGE F•R•I•E•N•D•S fans. We can’t get enough of it!

I am a total Monica. Monica is a total cleaning freak, she can’t stand stuff that bug her OCD, she has to do the bed a certain way, the cushions need to be placed at a certain angle and u get the gist. I am very similar, maybe I’m not AS BAD as Monica is when it comes to cleaning but the rest is too true. Also, Monica is better than the boys at sports and is the most competitive person in the world. Sorry but THIS IS ME! I almost injured Ella when she beat me at a Kahoot at scl once. She knows not to mess with me anymore! I was literally screaming at the screen and stressing over the game. I don’t stop ‘til I win.

Rachel is a Rachel. This sounds stupid but it is true also, maybe not to the extent I am a Monica though! Rachel Green is a bit dum (unlike my friend Rachel) and also is very sassy and funny. She likes dressing very well and style is very important to her. In high school she was very popular and she has had many many relationships, none of which went well. She ran out on her wedding. Rachel (my friend) is similar on the personality side of things, also, her name is Rachel so that really helps paint the picture.

Anyways, u r probably wondering what any of this has to do with life. Well, for a while we have been plannig on re-enacting some of the scenes from F•R•I•E•N•D•S. We plan to meet up on our inset day in Tuesday to record them. Today, we picked out which scenes we should do. Below r the ones we r doing (wouldn’t u like to know?)
- Ross’ sandwich with the ‘moist maker’
- The one with the football (football game scene)
- Rachel and Monica ‘flicking’
- Joey hides in a box (‘where’s Joey?’)
- Ross and Monica’s dance routine (trouble with boys)
- Unagi
- Rachel and Monica at Ross’ apartment (maybe)
- Monica cheats on Rachel (maybe)

We look forward to doing these sooo much and I, for one, am gonna go all the way and try and get similar outfits to the ones they were wearing in the actual scenes. I’m also gonna try and make my hair look shorter using a few simple hacks I know how to do!

This isn’t the only thing that happened today. Also, after all the stuff that happened with Renee, we had all said we were not gonna be friends with her. Today, Ella told me that she had made up with Renee and they were friends but that the others still r not. I don’t think I want to be friends with Renee, at least not yet after everything she did. I’m gonna try and be civil with her for the sake of Ella as we agreed that whoever I like, she won’t mind and whoever I hate, she hates and vice versa. We find that this has kept us tight and we haven’t had a single fall out since we became BFFs in Y8. We have been Best Friends for a year and a half now so I don’t think anything could come between us. I mean, we r the two most loyal ppl I know!

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