Being Sam
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2021-05-23 20:59:25 (UTC)

Next door got my knickers.

Everytime I write about my underwear I promise myself I'm not going to do it again but here I am.
After my suspender fiasco I hit VS online and ordered myself some nicer underwear that will actually fit me, make me feel hot and impress Dean all in 1. Not gonna lie, I got distracted by a blue baby doll with the most adorable pleated little short shorts to match and got that instead (sent Dean a pic of me in it today though and it seems to have gone down well). Only problem is I was out when my parcel arrived and rather than leaving it around the back of the house like the delivery man has before about a million times, they thought they would knock on next door and leave my bright pink bag with the fucking brand name written all over it on the outside with my nice new neighbours. And not only that bright pink bag, but a second one, also labeled with a well known lingerie store name on the packaging.
That moment when we parked on the drive and the kids were helping me unload the shopping and the nice polite man next door goes "we've got some parcels for you" and I wanted to die. He knew. She also knew when she came over with them in hand. Weirdest thing is, is that while I was internally crying that my neighbours now know I shop at Victoria Secret and Boux Avenue, it must have earned me some kind of cool points with them, because she only flipping asked for my phone number so we can arrange a BBQ as soon as the weather picks up.
Maybe she would have asked me anyway, maybe she just wants to get me drunk and ask me what was in the fucking bag haha I don't know. Its nice though. I'm glad we're getting on and might end up friends. I am NOT glad that my most recent top up of nice lingerie is something next door are aware of though