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2021-05-23 15:06:10 (UTC)

Little lamb's

Have you noticed that religious followers of their god's mostly live humble lives with more struggles? They always say things like, "It's meant to be this way; it makes me stronger to struggle". LOL. or "It's gods plan". No, it isn't any gods plan. It's what you create! If you think you're always stuck in traffic jams, you'll always find yourself in traffic jams and think you're unlucky. If you believe you are always unfortunate, you will attract it to you. Try it, tell yourself that, think it, see it happening and how it makes you feel and watch it manifest! Enjoy your moody days, lol.

You see, it's hard to convince anyone that there are no gods. That the very notion of a god is manmade, deliberately created to harbour poverty, need, and keep people from absolute abundance and inner peace. To keep people away from their instincts, intuition and from reaching for everything they truly ever desired. Man created the idea of togetherness and support under the guise of losing individuality because individuality breeds ambition, courage and singular thought processing that builds genuine contentment and happiness.

It annihilates depression, anxiety, medical needs, poverty, greed and much more. Self-healing and a healthy positive thought process will give everybody everywhere abundance in all they need and want. Fear is what man creates to keep you in the bubble, never going far, always needing and always turning back to man for reprisal. Give to yourself instead.

Even my Grammarly just highlighted this whole written text and put a note at the bottom saying this may be too sensitive for some audiences. So you see, you must go against the grain to discover everything you've never had or experienced, change your thoughts, negative into positive, feel the happy outcome and see it in your mind and repeat those thoughts and feelings. It will come; it always does. What you tell yourself you attract into your life. Recall, I craved sex, lots of it; I attracted a shit-ton of FWB's that I sent onto 'my ex guy' to deal with. The fact was, I wanted lots of sex but not with numerous people, lol. However, my thoughts manifested into lots of men wanting sex. You see now?

You can draw anything you desire, including money, people, objects, new ways of being. I do it all the time. I attract and detract. It's easy.

Forget the handwritten books that preach your way of being, that cause terrible things to happen to beautiful people that deserve everything as much as the next person. Live by you, forget what you are taught of right's and wrongs; there is none. It is only what fits you and what doesn't fit you, what serves to value you and what doesn't. That is where happiness resides. Serve you. Ever since I was a little girl, I've known religion wasn't wholesome or genuinely serving others. It holds people back and settles them into a state of mind that doesn't serve your individuality or freedom of thought.

Yesterday, I drove to grab some more wallpaper paste. I live 40 minutes away from the nearest DIY store at the usual driving speed. As I left in my car, I hit a long traffic queue that looked to have no end. I wanted to get back and get on with the decorating, so I told myself I would be back home within 30 minutes, looked at the time and visualised being home within that 30-minute timeframe. The traffic dispersed shortly after, and on my route down the motorway and other roads, people were moving into other lanes as I approached. Traffic lights turned green, and I was back home within 32 minutes, and I even got petrol too!

On that same journey on my way back home, the tunes were playing. I was singing, and the thought of 'my ex guy' popped into my thoughts. I smiled at a moment we shared, and as I did so ahead of me a long wheel based transit van pulled out and drove super slow. As I approached the van on the back of it had a logo, "Aries", and a design of a ram 'my ex guy' is an Aries, lol! A catering company it was, and it didn't hold me up for long; it turned right on the next bend and freed up my free-flowing journey. So you see, everything manifests in the most unlikely ways; the key is to not stress over how it comes about, only the intentions and feelings around your thoughts.