Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-05-23 14:08:09 (UTC)

Thanks, my little nudgers

Oh yeah! My hallway looks booootiful! I completed it yesterday and into the evening, with tunes going and good vibes flowing through our home. My daughter loves it. As I was finishing it off, I had an idea for my kitchen that I think will look booshie. It's already fresh, but I will add something modern to two walls in there; I can already see it, and it will look fabulous!
The following job after that will either be my lounge or stairway walls which are flipping HIGH, so I will need an extension for that.

I had decided not to focus on dating, and I still have that mindset. I cannot abide chaos around me or emotional drainage. I have a beautiful calm lifestyle without money worries, or stress; everything moves smoothly, creating a simplistic, easy feeling. All this comes from how I think, how I action my life, and things that I appreciate and I value my time, energy, and interests.

It's wonderful to be desired, and I may well entertain myself, but no matter how enigmatic or sensual they might be, and no matter how much my delicious sex sirens want me to engage in her darkness. I still choose wisely and, with my intuition evaluating if this person can serve a part of me or bring value.

I finished decorating at 10 pm last night, all accomplished and feeling good with the results. I sat for a moment before taking a late-night bath. Then, I picked up my phone and opened Hinge. I had no intention of talking to anyone on there. I just looked to see who contacted me with no plan of replying. My finger hovered over the delete my account button, and then Matthew messaged me. I paused for a moment, then felt a nudge to respond. I replied. I didn't indulge my usual bright spark in a conversation, neither had expectation of an outcome, yet as we messaged back and forth, it moved smoothly, and we realised we held a lot in common with regards to mindsets and the things that matter.

Matthew is 43 and a builder with no children. His last relationship endured seven years with a woman older than him with three children from a former relationship, and he found that difficult. I can relate to having been with a man for six years with two young boys I helped raise. It isn't easy. He has been single for two years now. I would say he is attractive and in good shape with hair, LOL, but as I say, I am not actively seeking someone for companionship now. I found the engagements I had previous while trying out the dating scene drained me and found it too chaotic and deceptive. I'd much rather go back to my life, where it holds all the things I value and cherish, along with contentment. However, there is a lot I still plan on exploring.

Matthew has arranged to call me this evening. I often say yes to life's opportunities if I feel they may bring goodness to my life. Of course, I understand to ascertain this. I do need to explore it first and assess the facts. So, I accepted Matthew's offer of speaking tonight. Right now, I am flowing.

Whilst decorating yesterday, I was pondering over ideas on my wedding range for the wedding organisers. I came up with some artistic impressions in my mind, and when I was driving my daughter to her friend's house this morning, I put the idea to her of the art I felt would work; she agreed and said she would put an art draft together. On the back of our origami envelopes, we wax stamp them (old world style) with our business initial. To my surprise, all my ideas and thoughts all day yesterday manifested a sure sign I was on track. When I opened my bedroom door this morning, on the floor were two wax sticks, one gold and one silver. I picked them up, confused and still sleepy, and see my daughter's bedroom door was open, I asked her if she put them there, and she said she hadn't.

It's not unusual that questionable mystical things and situations happen around us as I often work with energies, which is a natural part of my daily living. So I put the wax sticks on my dressing table; still, a little baffled and got into the shower. As I showered, I see two wedding rings in my intuitive mind, and I got it! My ideas for the wedding range. The gold and silver wax sticks to seal the envelopes and to seal the concept as a success. I have taught my daughter of manifesting the correct way that brings results every time, not the way you read and watch on social apps but the abundant secret, and there is enough for everyone. However, this was not a case of manifesting the idea, rather a "Yes, do it" from the energies who walk alongside me—another gentle nudge.