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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-23 09:11:00 (UTC)

My beautiful view ❤️

"It's never a weak thing to be kind, In fact, it takes strength to carry this yoke and wisdom to have compassion for those who do not"

Good Morning!☀️
I wanted to share a view from my middle deck. Beautiful isn't it? Isn't the best picture as I just turned my laptop around haha. It's so freaking beautiful up here.
I am feeling better today, not 100% but better. I think I understand why I felt the way I did. Mercury Retrograde is almost upon us so many will feel a cluster of emotions due to it. I will go in-depth about it this week and maybe it will help others who are unfamiliar with it and struggling with their own emotions.

I am sunburnt lol, yesterday we spent it boating and water ski'n, I also brought out the jetski's and we had a blast. At one point I was on the ski's and my uncle turned the boat rapidly and I jumped the current and did a complete cartwheel before a face plant into the lake lol, It was hilarious lol, my body aches a bit today.

Yesterday we went into town to get a coffee and a few adult bevies lol. Something really odd happened. Intimidated me a bit. (Which did not help my anxiety and emotions I have been experiencing that I wrote about yesterday) Anyways, I was holding on to my wine and this man walks past me and places his hand on my arm and says "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, I can only imagine the smile under the mask, shame you can't share it with me"...I had NO idea what to say, first..he was in my space and most importantly, he was touching me. I just kinda froze for a second then said, please don't touch me but then this guy who was in front of me in line takes a step back facing me and says "Yes, she does, can you please take your hands off my wife" He instantly jumped back and let go as I go to pull my arm back. I just looked at him and did not say a word as it took me off-guard. He let go and walked away. I smiled at this man and said thank you. He said not a problem. He proceeds to check out and he waits as and I continue checking out. He said, He left so I will walk you to your car. My first thought is..What if they tag-teaming me lol,
I thanked him because I knew my daughter was in the car waiting on me so I was ok. He walked me to my car and handed me this card then smiled and walked away and waited by his truck while I pulled out to make sure the guy did not follow. I was still a bit confused by this whole thing but I get in and look at his card.. He was a detective! haha. I started laughing and nervously told my daughter what happened. She's like..." are you going to call him?" lol, I said no (like I would admit that to her even if I had chosen to haha) and shoved the card in my pocket. He was kinda cute haha. It was just really odd, it's a very quiet and friendly town my cottage is in. Guess you have to keep alert even in the safest of places.

We are heading back today as I have a bbq planned for tomorrow afternoon and my cousin and his friend are starting major reno's inside so I want to give them space. They just pulled in. They are sleeping here tonight too, so I should get motivated. I love being here and cannot wait to spend more time here this summer.

I hope you have a beautiful day!❤️

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