Becoming quietly confident
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2021-05-23 05:54:49 (UTC)

Weekend Notes: pot, good friends, hoarding

I wrote some sort of pot infused post yesterday that I then sobered enough to delete. So if you saw that, well that is what that was.

This week has been quiet, not too much standing out. Work, home, make dinner, chores, fall into bed, repeat.

I did have a friend want to know if my husband and I wanted to go on vacation with her and her husband. And we all managed to work it out with our employers. So that is happening. She is a friend I have known since kindergarten. She was there when my parents divorced, when I ran away and went wild, when I had my first baby, she was my maid of honor and I was her’s. I’ve seen her through some really bad relationships. This latest hubby she married in Vegas after knowing him 3 weeks. Yes she knew it was crazy, but so far he’s actually turned out to be the best man she’s married. Life is crazy, it’s nice to have people in it who know too much about you.

My husbands hoarding/ocd/or whatever-the-heck-it-is has kicked in full force again. I might go crazy. He tried to take over my instacart shopping. Food is one of his “things” that he likes to control. Trouble is he has no concept of needing things that fit to a menu. He will buy 10 huge bottles of ketchup (because they were on sale), 50 lbs of pastry flour (because we might want to make cakes), and a frozen 30lb block of bacon that you have to thaw the entirety of to unstick any of it to use. I can not make meals from this. I’m just not that gifted. 💀

And then just to be frustrating he will go the next day and buy 10more bottles of ketchup (cause they still are on sale), gambling that we will use it all before the expiration date.

So as I’m instacart-ing this morning, he is over my shoulder requesting things. Some I do and some I don’t cause the food needs to be able to fit in our house. We can’t store everything. He asked for the instacart log in. This is not good. Think I will start instacarting things when he’s not around!

Today I cleaned the pantry, including organizing the 20 bottles of ketchup so they stacked on each other with aid of a cardboard divider. We have a rather large pantry and store a few kitchen appliances and a few convenient items. It had started to get crazy in there, too many misplaced things and things that didn’t even belong. So I put it all in order. When my husband came home and opened it his first words were “what did you get rid of”?

Ok, dear diary and friends, I am falling asleep in my bed. 💤 I hope you all sleep well.