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2021-05-22 15:46:00 (UTC)

Wow another nightmare.

Another dream about being kidnapped and tortured
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Thanks brain

This time I was kidnapped by a woman and she kidnapped a few other people too
She was maybe in her 40's? I was like 19 in the dream
She would bring us out in public a lot?? And I would always try to run away or help the others escape, but we would always end up getting caught
And each time I expected her to kill me after I would get beaten the shit out of or worse and she never did
She would put me and the others through these tests and I would purposefully fail them to spite her (which was stupid. but I thought I was going to die anyway)

She took us to this beautiful place to have us photographed and all the rich people around us would just pretend like they hadn't a clue about what was going on with us. Even though we were bruised and handcuffed a good portion of the time
No one tried to help and if someone did try to help it wasn't real, just another test

I was just so angry and over it then entire dream
I don't remember what happened near the end, but I woke up very suddenly and feeling scared