If I die today
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2021-05-22 07:37:01 (UTC)

next time

This is Saturday . Yesterday was a good evening . We started bowling. Did one game I forgot Ndea has hand problems. Then we used the aracade there for about 5$worth got a few "prizes" cheap play toysenflabtle hammer, x-snall woopie coushin and a flying thing like carnival toys. Then we walked to the bar I'm still nervous ot the bike. Wish I'd had mor courage but ugh I need to get fimiliar on it before we take it in the dark. I think I disappointed him not wanting to bike. Maybe I'll mustar up courage next time. Its olny like a mile walk thou we used to this all the time anyway the bar is behind my apartment so from my apartment to here. nothing we cant handle. I had 3 maragitas then quit he had beer. This is sad I thought I was being funny or cool IDK and played with the jukebox music put goofy sh!t on but I was picking all the worng things anyway I was going for shock effect but the songs were not all what I thought they were sp it was dum and I think I actually annoyed people. What can I say that bar isnt my scene its just conveient and they seem to be more forgiving side with the c-19 freak show going on so I'm accepted. This morning is Saturday and I cant think of nayone to shop for . I would like to give but noone has anything going on that I can think other then yLindse has a bday next month then fathers day but those are like the next 2 weeks worth of gifts. IM not sure if I'll try to pull up youtube on my computer or not we proally went to be after 1 and nDea is still in bed I know alchol hits him pretty hard. He did play pool with 2 diffrent people last night so least he;s getting some competion me We went to start and my first shot the 8ball went in the corner pocket over before it even start. We have some moving to do today I"m a bit overwhelmed I feel like I do everything wrtonh not sure still if I'm brining too much to the house or not but eh I'll see what happens the stuff for storage should be okay idk how we'll do it but I know he will he does things like that. I'm kinda sluggish not too bad. I still didnt bring my keurig yet its coming today I hope should be by tommorw night for sure bc thesse keys are going in the box. Which now has me worried that I'll forget an evelope or baggy or something.. IDK what is wrong with me. THis is my brain . Nothing pressing physcially mentally I"m still shambles and an odd ball I just am so diffrent than everyone and things I do and say never fit in. I'm getting tire of writing right now cant focus sorta just spacey like nothing is distracting at all but I"ve had enough writing for today nothing anyone has to really know right exactly now no newsflashes today but one thing I'm impressed by yup its the man so eCarri is home alone till like monday bc afterall she choose not to go on the family camping trip so aout 6ish yesterday she texed asking him to take her to get something to eat he asked me and outright told me he wasnt going if I wasnt going to come and I told him he knows thats not happening but if its just her needing food then maybe he can have something delvered to her. Then I also let him know he can go I'm not the life of the party anyway and I was mellow so whatever Id been happy and he said no he wants to spen the evening with me and he's not leaving me to go do that for her so he offered her delivery and he sent PH to her and that seemed to go over well I didnt hear anynore about her so I guess she settled down or he's ignoring it? I told him I understand being in a new house alone she doesnt drive and there is distance from her and town now so getting to the store is a few min drive but I also am not sure her intention or motive. Anyhow I guess he's really done with her and I cant see anyone in their right mind shaming him for not taking her but maybe I'm wrong not sure how people thinkg but I cant see anything wrong with not takin her to get food