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me and my life
2021-05-16 20:29:25 (UTC)

Wierd stage of life

Such a weird stage of life that we are just living for a sake. Nothing is confirm nothing is concrete feels like living on the edge. Where the tears in my eyes have dried, prayers are tired there is just an acceptance of the situation and hope. Where I see everyone is moving aheadbin their life by some buying house, some getting married, some changing job while some having babies am here with nothing in hand but empty. No new thing only old stories, memories and 100s of ifs and buts.
Pheww tired, drained, ashamed, bored but havnt lost the hope. I'll try and I know soon time will change. Whole universe will conspire and help me get what I want.
Cheers to the good time we had and with have. This too shall pass.