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2021-05-21 15:52:00 (UTC)

When to debate?

So my parents and I don't have family in our country. My parents keep communication with relatives online, and so today was one of the occasions where the parents talked to the relatives.
I started talking to Uncle M, a very opinionated person. Unfortunately I don't remember the conversation starter for context, all I know is it was an issue we didn't agree with. And that's fine people have their views so it's understandable.
Uncle M is someone who I would consider to be very knowledgable in history.
So I gave my opinion and when I was done he began his statement with, "No, that's not true because"... On and on he went, providing historical fact after historical fact to prove his point.
And that's how most conversations about opinions are with Uncle M. You give your opinion and he will use every fact he knows, (well not really), at least the ones he thinks relevant to make his point, and, from my standpoint which could be inaccurate, to prove you wrong.
And ok. I'm not scholarly like Uncle M. When I give opinions on something, depending on the nature of conversations, I will give opinions based on what I think and not necessarily on facts that I have to lookup anyways because I just don't remember things like that. And I know that can be dangerous depending, that's why I said nature of conversation is important. If I have to give people info that I don't know I will flat out say I don't know. And so I can barely remember different theories that might be relevant for a particular topic we are covering in my social work classes, I have to look those up too sometimes, and that's only because I have to. So yeah I recognize perhaps it's wrong, being well-versed in facts can be important.
All I know is Uncle M should've been a lawyer. Thinking of arguments and presenting evidence on the fly is impressive to me.
Sometimes I wish we could have a lite conversation with the uncle M, without always having to lookup facts to prove something because doing so every time is so exhausting to me. Or is that something we should all practice and learn to do? I can see the benefits of it.
So the question is, when is it appropriate to start debates with others and when is it not? Should every argument with differing sides present factual evidence or opinions? And when should one use opinions vs. evidence?

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