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2021-05-21 21:54:24 (UTC)

DIY Goddess :D

If it feels good, keep it. If it doesn't feel good, let it go. Find what resonates with you and stick to it.

An internal mantra I have learned to live by over the last couple of years. You can find peace by doing this, happiness also because fulfilment doesn't come from what others give you or offer you. It comes from within, with your mental commentary to yourself. Energy flows where attention goes, and you power the creation of your world through what you're telling yourself. You're the designer of your destiny, not a deity, not some secret purpose, not any other human. Your purpose is what you say it is. The mission is the mission you give yourself. There is no mystical godly scroll written before you were born with the secrets of your purpose that you think you need to seek your entire life. No. Your direction becomes your purpose, and that may be whatever you believe it to be.

If you decide you want a dog, you smile at the THOUGHT of seeing that dog bringing you and your family joy. You begin to think about the breed of dog you want, you find the perfect dog, and the purpose is sought and complete. You're happy, and your life is more enriched with love shared between you and your dog. That is manifesting a purpose that began with a thought and a feeling that created the image of a dog and the joy it brought you (the outcome).

You can spend your life questioning why, where, and how come's, but if you do that, you'll never move from that spot of frustration because frustration creates anxiety, fear, and stress, and they create negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts. What you think becomes you becomes your world. For example, suppose others mistreat you and bring negativity, and you allow that uncomfortable feeling to resonate through you. In that case, your thoughts will become worrisome, stressed too, and in turn, you become negative and all around you that you interact with and all the other lousy luck and bad vibes you receive are an extension and magnet to your negativity.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of lifes coming attractions" - Albert Einstein

There is no magnificent central ultimate purpose of your being. Living through choices becomes your purpose(s). Everybody seeks joy and abundance in other areas of their lives; if you begin to write, talk, think, action things that bring you joy, you attract similar things and people into your life. Mastering how to let go of what doesn't serve your inner balance and equilibrium seems complicated. Still, if you want happiness, contentment and peacefulness free from need, greed and the places the unreachables cluster, then you simply have to remember to ask yourself: Does this feel good? Does this add value to the happiness I already have? If the answer is no, let go of it.

Side note: It doesn't apply to your kids! Haha, they are still growing; give them a break.

Anyhoo! After that little rambling of wisdom from yours truly. After work earlier and collecting my daughter, I bought the paint and the wallpaper (very nice :D), got home, put on Enigmas full album up loud and started cutting in with the first layer of paint in the hallway. My hallway is quite long, and I am breaking it up with colour and wallpaper while keeping a light and airy feel still. Tomorrow morning I do the second coat of paint and then wallpaper the rest. My daughter loves the colour so far. She likes seeing her mum doing all the DIY things I do around the house. She is happy here in our new home, so am I.
I am fortunate I have the best teachers to help guide me if I get stuck, my dad and brother, who are builders, and Bumble (only a pal!), who is putting my shed together for me and fitting a loft ladder for me.

I had a text from someone from a dating app, which was odd as I haven't been on it, but I think it must've been one of the ones I sent to 'my ex guys' phone a few days ago or something. I'm not sure. I'm not interested in dating now, though when I awoke this morning, I knew I needed to take a step down and go back to the things in my life that gave me calm. Basically, all the other parts of my life, LOL, the dating scene and apps and blah blah's only brought me chaos, and I dislike chaos.

It also made me aware of how many men out there are walking life with endless emotionally draining loose ends. It made me realize how well I dedicated my time, resources and finances to recreate my life as carefree and clean of chaos.

"All that we are is the result of what we thought" - Buddha.

It also made me aware that I started to love me and give me all the things I used to give to others, and the difference has changed my life because now, by giving myself everything, it attracts others to want to give to me also because I have a balanced perspective.

Anyway's I'm off to have a late-night bath....ahhhhh

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