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2021-05-21 15:49:27 (UTC)

Understand love with their heart❤️

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Good Evening!☀️
I wanted to share this. It really struck me as I think this is why communications in so many relationships fail. I know I am guilty of making this mistake in many of my relationships so I know others will relate as well. It's something we all do unknowingly. It's something I found very insightful and will carry into future relationships. I hope this can help others too.

A healthy relationship is when two people find joy in being in service to each other; in other words, being there and available to support each other. Most would agree with that but still not understand what that really means. We get so stuck seeing life from our perspective that we think that everyone should think and feel the same way that we do, that the way that we experience love should be the same for everyone else.

The truth is, men and women, experience feeling loved differently and it's unfair to invalidate the way that the other person needs to feel loved because we don't have the same needs. In order to know how to show up for and support our partner, we need to really know THEM. That means that we need to listen attentively when they talk to us, really try to understand their point of view and why they feel the way that they do. We need to try to look at life through their eyes and understand love with their heart. This teaches us who they are and what has made them that way. It helps us to have empathy for them and to be emotionally available when they're having a bad day or struggling to feel lovable.

Really being there for someone means that we know HOW to take care of them because we know exactly what they need when they need it. When each person knows and responds to the other this way, then what you are both creating is trust and consistency in the relationship. When you both have this level of trust, then you can experience real emotional intimacy and connection —you will both know what it's like to be in love with your whole heart.

Have a wonderful evening!❤️