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2021-05-21 16:33:28 (UTC)


Today showed me that Tre will always be there for me, as friends, or maybe even more!

My friendship group have been going through some hard times recently as we have finally realised who the toxic person who was ruining everything was. Lemme explain my friendship group to u:

The oldest of our friendship group (at least she was until the beef happened).
DOB: 12/Oct/2006.
She’s very loud and actually a bit rude. Very dirty minded. She swears a lot and tbh I dont think I ever really properly liked her. She’s the one who is toxic now that we realise.

Chloe is the second oldest.
DOB: 5/Apr/2007
Kate’s best friend. She used to be best friends with Renee until about 4 days ago. She’s funny, dirty minded, very flirty and I walk to scl with her cos we live near each other.

Ella H
Ella H and her sister Ruby H r third oldest. Ruby is a bit older by a few mins lol.
DOB: 16/May/2007 (like my mum but a different year)
My Best Friend. She is very dirty minded, bubbly, helpful, kind and the best friend anyone would want.

Ruby H
I call these two by their initials cos there used to be Ruby D in the group but gladly she’s out now cos she always started beef and was such a brat. Anyways, Ruby is Ella H’s triplet.
DOB: 16/May/2007
Ella A’s best friend. She’s funny, dirty minded, loyal, and caring.

Third youngest in our group.
DOB: 16/Jun/2007
The newest addition to the group. Chloe’s new best friend. She’s very nice, kind, funny, and dirty minded.

Me - Rebbeckah
I’m second youngest in the group.
DOB: 18/Jun/2007
Ella H’s best friend. I’m very friendly, like giving advice, very honest, loyal, and dirty minded.

Ella A (Emmanuella)
Youngest in the group.
DOB: 30/Jul/2007
Ruby H’s best friend. LOUD, funniest ever, very sincere, social butterfly, dirty minded.

As u may tell, we r ALL dirty minded and funny. Now you’re probably wondering, why is there always beef in ur group then? Well...

- Gossip -
no one likes being gossiped about. Especially if rumors go around that someone in ur own friendship group is talking about u behind ur back.

- Two faced -
sometimes Ella A - being a social butterfly - was friends with the ppl in our rival group: The one with Bailey🏳️‍🌈🤮, Iris🗣🤩, Lucia🗣😇, Ruby D😈🤥 and a few more ppl. She told us a load of the stuff they said about us (toxic, fake, and much, much more) but then went back to them saying what we said about them, like the fact that Bailey seems really gay and like we were talking about them. We weren’t being homophobic or anything! This sometimes made us fall out with Ella A.

- Ruby D -
Ruby D has been horrible, manipulative and b****y since Y7 and since primary scl with Chloe! She always tried to find a way to break up the group either through her arguing with us, her spreading s**t about us, or over social media. It was only about a two weeks ago that she finally left us alone. At least that’s what we thought.

Now, the stuff that happened this time just made me get fed up and depressed. Renee had been talking about each one of us behind our backs:

- she said me and Ella were annoying
- she said Ella A takes everyone’s food
- she said she just doesn’t like Ruby H
- and she said that Chloe copies her

And that’s not it! Chloe was meant to be Renee’s best friend at the time! She also said that Chloe was leaving her out and going off with Kate, even though it was Renee who invited Kate in the group and pushed her way out! Sorry but this time, we had HAD ENOUGH...

We all decided to be distant from her, starting with Ella A and Ruby H. Every break and lunch, she would mess around with the boys and flirt with them, Chloe did too as she was meant to be her best friend. We didn’t really like flirting with everyone so we didn’t join them any time at all. Ella A and Ruby H decided to hang out somewhere else on the opposite side of the courtyard and have a new ‘spot’. Then, me and Ella H joined them after a few days as we didn’t like it one bit. Kate was hanging out with Chloe and Renee still. After a few more days, Chloe and Kate decided to stop hanging out in the old ‘spot’ as they realised that the boys really didn’t like it. They were finally opening their eyes and seeing what Renee was really like. One day, in PE, we were all telling each other what Renee had been saying about us (as Renee is in a different PE class than all of us). We all decided to leave Renee as she kinda let herself out of the group.

Last night
Last night Chloe did a video call with Renee to c what she had to say for herself. Instead of owning up, she denied it all and said that ppl were lying.

Obvs we were all not being with Renee so we were hanging out with each other. At lunch, Renee and Finlay (Ella and Ruby H’s brother) came over to talk and ‘sort things out’. We didn’t want to cos we just wanted to leave it and carry on with life. Renee let Finlay talk for her like her lawyer or something and then somehow they dragged Erica into it so we were like ‘no Erica isn’t involved’. Now this is we’re Ruby D comes in. For some reason, Ruby D joined forces with Renee and the rest of their toxic group and went to shout at Erica. We were still eating but Ella A and Ruby H went to go save Erica before they got to her. However they were too late. 😔
Erica, being a great sport, just walked off to go find us, ignoring what they were saying to her.
The rest of the day was fine and we just went in for the rest scl.

My mind was confused, angry, upset and just fed up. I tried to get through the day, and I was doing fine and being my happy self: chatting with Tre and Sharla (Ella wasn’t in today as I think she’s gonna start her period sn! She has all the symptoms!)
It was fine until I said - in a joking way - ‘I’m gonna get my men on u’ to Will J who was being annoying. Then, the Phillopino girls, right little spoilt brats, heard me and repeated what I said in a mimicking way. They told Bailey as they think that hanging with Bailey makes them sooo cool. Then they continued to talk s**t about me. I had had enough. I turned in my chair and sat silently. All of a sudden, the whole world seemed like nothing, I didn’t care about life anymore, I was sick of it! Suddenly I became really depressed and down. I even decided to go to the toilet to skip playing the Maths game in the Maths lesson. Usually I’m really competitive so this obvs made Tre and Sharla notice that something was up. I texted Ella when I was in the toilet and I told her how depressed I was. When I got back they were just finishing the game. After this, it was English, me and Ella always joke about Mrs Clark not being in. I swear she turns down her days off! She is ALWAYS in. Well today was the first time Mrs Clark wasn’t in scl, and Ella missed it! We had a cover teacher but even that didn’t cheer me up! I was too depressed to chat and take advantage of the situation. Tre called me by his nickname for me (Rebby) once or twice but I told him to leave me alone. He tried every single nickname he ever had for me (Rubicon, Becky, Ribenna, etc.) Suddenly, my depression cleared and it was like I had a sudden mood swing of depression. He called me one last time and asked what was wrong. He even asked me if it was my migraines; I only told him about my migraines once or twice in like the beginning of Y8. If he remembers that small detail about me, maybe he does like me back after all. I told him that some toxic ppl were chatting about me and that there were some problems in my friendship group. He listened to me and then put up his hand in a fist in front of me (so I’d give him a fist bump), I couldn’t resist so I gave him a fist bump and turned smiling. Sharla cheered and so did he, they had managed to take me out of my deep hole. If only they knew how much I was crushing on him. If only they knew that without Tre there to help me that day, I probably would have been upset for the rest of the day. The rest of last period with the cover, I finished my work and then chatted with Tyrese and Sharla. He remembered how I’d taught him to make a noise that sounds like ripping paper to trick ppl into thinking u had ripped it. We had loads of fun the rest of the lesson laughing and chatting.
The funniest thing was how I saw the Philopino girls give me a dirty look when I was talking to Tre and it didn’t even make me feel bad... it made me laugh! I can’t believe how I didn’t have a crush on Tre ‘til now. I mean, how did I not notice such a nice guy like ages ago? I sure hope I haven’t been friend zoned.

I hope Tre feels the same about me, he will always be there for me and I hope he gives ‘us’ a chance.