Do Not Disturb

2021-05-18 23:34:25 (UTC)

Very Long Time

I saw Dre Sunday and he didn't say anything really the whole ride. We originally was suppose to go to the movies but it was to late and their were no movies in showtime so we were gonna do it another time and yes this is the guy that I did fwb way back then. We met up after years but only because I didn't know who he was when he texted me at first and then we kept texting and kept texting and I was like," Oh shit!"

Then, we just ended up getting a hotel room for a few hours but nothing happened. We kissed but thats about it I wouldn't let him go any further anyways because my period was on anyways and I wouldn't let him go further if,my period wasn't on.

So,I don't know why I keep entertaining this guy when after all these years he's always gonna only want one thing. Well, it wouldn't matter because he's going to the military at the end of the month soon so it wouldn't be how long since we'd see each other again. So, maybe that night that he thought we get a hotel room he thought we might fuck but he thought wrong. It was just gonna be a kiss.

The kiss isn't to bad still after all these years but he still hasn't said anything the whole ride through. He says he's this way to everyone but I beg to differ. He doesn't care though. His words. And I might just block him again because he wants only one thing just for the hell of it and because he just want one thing.

And that's sex. So,I don't know why I keep entertaining him knowing that he will never change.

- A