my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-19 21:34:33 (UTC)

i couldn’t imagine today.

Today is a national day in my country. So, today was holiday. I woke up a little bit late, and had breakfast.
I was going to to lots of things for today, but I had to go to my grandma’s house again. Because she couldn’t open her phone. I think I’ll go there a lot. Actually, I was a little bir angry while going to her because I didn’t want to do it at first.
I couldn’t imagine today because we had a great time with my grandma.

I teach her how to use whatsapp, and we took a selfie. I think she is better and more cheerful nowadays. We also talked, watched television, eat and drink something. I also did some of the chores for her.

We went out after lunch, and walked around the apartments. She was too happy. I really love her <3
I don’t know why, actually I can guess it but I don’t want to write here, I’m too emotinal while writing this diary and I’m about to cry.

I came home back in the evening. My mother didn’t ask my day. She watched television all night with my father amd it was so boring. Because I was too excited to tell my day. My father says me that I shouldn’t talk if nobody is asking me a question. I hope he is fine with his “shy” girl now.

While they were watching television, I was at my room. I played online chess, but I couldn’t find a great opponent. Most of them tried to olay scholar’s mate and when I was about to win, the battert of my laptop was dead.

By the way, I was going to write to my crush in the morning, but I forgot it. (I wasn’t ready)
I hope I can find a good reason to write him tomorrow.
And I want to say someting about voluntary club: I celebrated their holiday today but nobody replies my message. We must share something on Friday, but nobody cares nothing

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