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2021-05-21 09:40:19 (UTC)

Electric Blue x

He is suffocating me today, his energy encompasses me, and the core of me is aching, tingling, driving me insane. I can see him through my mind; he is in his van driving, tunnel-visioned with images and feelings of me engulfing him, creating the physical aching in his core that is projecting and mirroring inside me. His thoughts of me are overwhelming him, and his energy is pulling and tugging at me. Fuck, it is so robust and intense. I am not fighting him, and while our energies are connected, today I have seen something new, and when I see it, it hit me hard. The ardent force of our energies tightly bound that once was invisible with only feeling very present morphed into a very bright blue electricity or lightning bolt. It is the best way to describe it, but it is thin, powerful, and of the brightest blue, tiny sparks are emitting from it throughout its distance that connects from my heart to his. It is very beautiful.

I can only describe my feelings, mood and overall energy today as yearning, aching, and an odd type of happy sadness. It is an extremely deep and profound feeling that almost hurts. But, it is accurate and always will be that our connections through our energies with other humans are powers in this Universe. It doesn't matter how far apart you are. You can still be right with them anywhere you are. But, I know we will come together again; no words needed. It will happen.

I have removed fun-nut and fluffy. No longer will I be speaking with them. I removed myself from the Bumble app, and I will likely delete the other two dating apps. I have a strong need to find solace again, time out, and go back to the things I enjoy most. My hiking pals, friends, business, day job, and decorating my house, among other things. I get such a lot of pleasure decorating my home; it brings about contentment and a safe feeling. The weather is abysmal tomorrow, so the hiking is off, but I am not too bothered by that as I am pretty excited to start my next creation throughout my hallway this weekend. I am off to browse and buy some nice wallpaper for one section of my hallway and some paint for the rest of it. I'll play my blues music once again and after having a few Rums and some chitchat with my friends. I cherish my peace, and I'm going to immerse myself in it.