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2021-05-20 23:47:28 (UTC)

My imaginary world

I’m gonna try and get Tre’s number - I just HAVE to!

I can’t get him out of my head, like, never! Although I really try, it really doesn’t work. I even planned our marriage, I imagined what it would be like if he asked me out, if we were a couple, on our first date, all of that stuff!

I need to stop. But I can’t.

My imaginary ‘asking out’
It would be on my birthday, I would have just turned 14 that day. He’d walk up to me when we could be almost alone. He’d ask to speak to me, he’d say how he feels and then he’d be like ‘I really like u and I want to make this work’ or something like that. Then he’d be like ‘Beckah, will u go out with me?’. Then I’d be like ‘sure, I really like u and I think we can make this work. But I’m not allowed to date until I’m a bit older, but maybe if we can convince my parents that this could work and that I’m ready, then I would be allowed to date u’ He’d understand about my parental situation and try and win over my parents though we would have to go behind their backs for a few days!

Our imaginary first date
We would go out to the movies. The classic! But it wouldn’t be him touching me up and all that trash! We would just joke around and enjoy the film. I HATE horror films, I’m more into Rom-coms or comedies. We could watch any genre, as long as we’re together. If it was gorro then I’d have to hide behind him and he would c me proper scared. At least we’d have something more to laugh about. After that we’d hang out in town or something, we could go for some food and mess around and tease each other. Jeez, I’d love this first date!

My imaginary ‘coupleship’
I imagined us being exactly how we r now but an item instead of just friends. We would hang out more and I wouldn’t have to worry about Chloe and girls code or the annoying Philippino girls swooning over him.It would be a relationship with heart and feeling but he would still be like my best male friend but I could call him my ‘boyfriend’.
Dang it! He would be my ‘boyfriend’. Maybe I’m taking this a bit too far, I mean, it’s all my imagination, isn’t it?

Our imaginary marriage
Ok. I’ll admit it. Maybe I haven’t got this far yet. If I had, then I would be mentally sick - lovesick! I do know that however we married then it would not have to be too big but it would be meaningful to us and we’d be surrounded by everyone we love. I’d have my besties as the bridesmaids and he’d have his best mates as whatever the closest male position is lol!

I haven’t gone this far with this section. I did a quiz (I know it’s cringey) and apparently I’m gonna have kids when I’m 36! I was thinking more 31-32 as the age. That way I can become a fully qualified architect and be financially stable and have a nice wedding and then have time for kids. I was thinking around 2. This is most likely. I like kids, they’re really fun to look after but they’re also real hard work. Believe me - I have a 5 year old sister. I think that I am likely to have twins cos they run in the family, plus, I AM a twin, except, not many ppl know that cos my other twin died before she was born. We were gonna be identical twins u know. My best friend is a triplet, she has an almost identical sister and a not so identical brother! We plan to have kids at around the same age! That way our kids can be friends and go to scl together. Tbh I’m a bit scared about having kids though, just the thought of giving birth and u know, u could potentially die!!! Mothers say that it is completely worth the pain though. I’m...I’m not too sure. Kids would still be nice though! Me and Tre would have such cute little dark children as well! Perfect little kids! Aww. Just the thought makes me... realise that now I’m just getting weird.

I’m gonna stop.
Before I creep u out.
C u in my next entry!

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