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2027-09-16 21:24:00 (UTC)

Immunity Challenge:

About Immunity Challenge: The Immunity Challenge is an important aspect of the game. Winning this type of challenge will secure a tribe or an individual safety from the following Tribal Council.
Tribal Immunity: During the tribal phase of the game, the tribes vie for the ownership of the Immunity Idol. The winning tribe will be granted safety from the upcoming Tribal Council. In rare cases, there are Double Tribal Councils where both tribes go to Tribal Council, where the Immunity Idol is temporarily retired and is replaced with the Immunity Necklace which is usually only available post-merge. After a Double Tribal Council, the tribal Immunity Idol is put back into play until the merge. In Survivor: Fiji, the first post-merge Immunity Challenge involved the castaways being divided into two teams, and as such the tribal immunity format was used with the winners of the challenge being abstained from Tribal Council.