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2021-05-20 13:54:59 (UTC)

Delicious Mr B

So Bumble sent me a looong voice clip last night of his argument with the ex that happened last week, and he recorded it! Eeeeek....Id already suffered the first ten minutes of it previously when on the phone to him last week, and he played it over the phone. Anyway, he seems to think I needed to listen to the rest. Bumble is exceptionally open and shares everything.

Anyhoo, I was just searching for it in my Google Drive as I saved it there and said to bumble I'd listen to it today, and in my drive was trillions of voice clips of Sexy Mr B and me in the throws of our coming together, the early days before he went on to show me done life lessons (his way). Lol...

God, we were sooooooo hot!