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2021-05-20 12:31:08 (UTC)

Fancy a play with Fluffy

So, I went back to Bumble to see what the alpha/dom - whatever he is (I'll call him Fluffy) to see what he has messaged as I hadn't been on the sites much last night due to chatting to fun-nut and bumblebee.

Anyway's, Fluffy had indeed sent messages and asked to chat off the site, yeah that move, lol. They all do it, so he is now on my Whatsapp also we're going to have a chat tonight on the phone. I have already seen his dick, (it's tasty) as he sent me a photo, no it's not a typical dick and tit pass the parcel pics scenario, but our conversations have mostly been around BDSM and d/s things, he is predominantly dominant but likes things up his arse. I do not like putting things up men's arses'. There isn't much I wouldn't do, but that is one of them. However, I have done it before with a boyfriend of five years back in my twenties, he was a Leo....same as Fluffy. I just don't like wearing a strap-on for a guy, a woman is different but anyway.

I am tempted to have some fun with him just because like with Ed, I know Fluffy will excite me enough to keep me interested and there is nothing WORSE than boring sex. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of vanilla in the right circumstance with someone I love but we aren't talking love here.

He wants an ongoing explorative partner, I don't want the dominant/submissive partnership. I'm past all that stuff now in a serious long term d/s sense. But for playtime, I'm up for it. He is a director in an outsourcing company, has kids in their late teens, single and 43 years old and very sexy looking.

See how the conversation goes.