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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-20 10:30:36 (UTC)

Lashes....and not that type (yet) :D

I got me a lash lady now, oooou! I booked in to get my lashes and eyebrows done next week. I have a healthy amount of natural lashes already, but I want to accentuate them more. It's not putting on a full lash that women glue to the top of their lids. It takes three hours to complete, and she individually adds single lashes across your lids to your natural lashes, so it looks fuller. I'm going for Russian lashes.....:D hubba hubba! Then she is also doing my eyebrows. I'm not doing these for any date or man, as I have not agreed to a date yet. Two men have asked me, the alpha guy and fun-nut too. I am doing this for me, a bit of self-love, the same as I see my fitness - all good vibes :) I'm contemplating booking into a spa also, I mentioned it to Vicky and Angela, and they were keen on the idea.

All men always say they don't have a type, but they fkn do! Honestly, it is like a record on the dating sites, very repetitive.

I've had morning messages from my squidgy bumblebee and fun-nut. Phil has sent a load of daily memes, fkn love it when he does that. He is like clockwork, cheers Philly! :) Ed has messaged he wants to see my sexy lashes and said I have always turned him on. I am horny today, and I keep imagining 'my ex guys' thick cock in my bottom - fkn torture! I need him inside me again.

Ed has a beautiful pole, but it's not 'my ex guys'. I am trying to control my urges today. I'm fired up! And craving badly to be fucked spontaneously, hard and passionately. I want 'my ex guy to knock on my front door, say nothing at all and grab me and fuck me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Maybe I imagine him because he was the last person who touched me and to be fair, it wasn't just a one-off. We had a lot of sex, great sex, and I do miss it and him.

I still need my fantasy realised, too, by leaving my front door unlocked, and the man I fancy sneaks in during the night into my room, ties me, covers my eyes and fucks me. It is not a rape scene, but it's close to it, except I am willing, very willing. LOL

Bumble-wumble did call last night, and I soothed him because I'm so lovely and friendly, lol. He wasn't moody and seemed to be calm and happy we were chatting. He offered for me to go to his mate's gym with him, and he said, "I am doing your shed for you. I know you said you'd get your brother to do it, but let me?" Hahaha, alright then humble-bumble, you can do it and maybe me after, LOL. I am still going to have that ride or fifty million on his Harley. It's got to be done. He thanked me for being there for him and sent me a song after our chat and quite a few more messages before saying, "Okay, I'm going to stop texting now and go to sleep." I didn't respond and also went to sleep. This morning he has been sending me pics of the hotel and his breakfast and trip things. LOL, I told him to let everything go today and be happy and enjoy himself with his friends, riding on that big vibrating machine, lolol. Mmmmm :P He said he would and called me a "true friend" .......pahahahaha!

I might have another chitchat with fun-nut tonight, not sure yet. He is attractive, but I'm not pulsing for him, and that's not a good sign; I am very much in tune with my energy flow. The lust flows from my mind down my body (like a tingling wave) into my vag and stays there, driving me insane until I satisfy her. I will see how things go with him, but I cannot deny I was getting moist thinking of 'my ex guy' at points during the conversation with fun-nut. I do pulse when it comes to bumble, but he has issues, lol, which stops me from continuing to date him.