Experienced Life
2021-05-19 23:02:28 (UTC)

Enjoying the little things and another 4 inches baby!! ☺️

Just thought I'd check in. Another nice day today. Work was fun for the most part. Little issue with my boss being his silly self but I get paid well so I can't really complain. The work day did go by quickly. In fact, I Haven't been consciously working much on my self improvement but I have gotten used to doing things I should be doing unconsciously so that feels good to do so. Still working on listening to resolve issues with my boss in lieu of listening to argue but well, he can get my blood going at times so that part is a work in progress. hehe.

Gym class was great. I'm kind of liking the 4:30 crew. A bunch of humble quieter people just trying their best to work out. Nice crowd. Hardly know any of them but their faces are familiar. Today, one of the spots were punching bags. I love punching bags. I get lost and lose control at times. It's so much fun to punch the heck out of it. We had EMOM today which is every min on the min. You have a minimum time to do certain moves and the rest of that time is used to rest. The punching bags had a min of 40 punches using your hip for power and I was able to do 40 in no time. I added more punches instead of just standing around waiting for the timer to go off. It felt so good.

After class, my usual 5:30 peeps came in. One of my Indian lady friends bought me dinner. She does that from time to time. I bought her a slab of pork ribs once for her family and she's been bringing me food from time to time ever since. I like it but I feel bad. I'm so used to being self sufficient, I don't know how to accept nice gestures from friends. Still..... nice to have a dinner already prepped for me to eat when I get home. It's nice that someone is caring enough to bring you dinner. Getting a home cooked meal. Fills you with not just a good hot meal in your belly (and it is spicy hot because it's an Indian dish) but someone nice enough to think of you and make you dinner. Makes me feel like I count you know? I'm so used to making my own meals living alone that it confuses me to have stuff given to me.

So I mentioned 4 inches. Yeah, I'm a partial perv but it's not a dirty thing I'm thinking of. I am now able to jump 4 inches higher onto a jump box. I admit I have this fear of missing, tripping and landing backwards upside down on my head. Or.... missing the jump sliding down the edge of the box starting from my shin ripping flesh as I go down. Yuck!!! But nope, didn't happen. I was egged on by the 5:30 crew one day to give it a try and I had to say "effe it" From a standing position, you sort of bend down a little and hop onto a box. I can do 20" no problem. That's my comfort zone. Then I recall telling myself to be a little uncomfortable and go for it. It wasn't what I had in mind to get hurt but I gave it a try and I easily jumped on the 24" high box. All of that hesitation in the past was just fear and not lack of being able to do it. So... the next step will be to try to hit 30" Next time we do box jumps, I'll give 30" a try since 24" was actually pretty easy. It was all in the mind. Little successes in life I will take and appreciate.

Looking forward to our pay raise come July. Getting my truck modified next Monday and I have been left alone from any drama texts from anyone so I'm surprisingly happy about that (knocking on wood really hard). I missed that Maui trip my meetup friends are on. I could have gone but decided not to. They're posting pics on FB. Glad they're having fun. Maybe next time. It's already Thursday. This week is flying by. Still feels ike a Mon or Tues. Life is good. Enjoying the ride 😊

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