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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-19 20:54:41 (UTC)

Fun-nut :)

At first, I was thinking, woah, this guy is lively. Proper chat-chit-chat, then I thought maybe he talks too much? Then he said things that I thought this guy is funny! Then I thought, but he lives two hours from me; nah, not happening. Then he showed me through his personality how he has his "shit together" he knows what he likes, wants, needs. He has his own place, kids that are 16 and 18 that he sees every other weekend.

Hmm, he is very attractive too. Oh, for fucksake! He is a Capricorn, too, double fucksake! He is firey, triple. fucksake!

I'm not going by astrological crap, but there is a very fine primary line of characteristics present in the earthy, fire, air, water people. For example, 'my ex guy' is the war sign, mars ruled, Aries. We got on extremely well, fucked even better, but I am not a typical Virgo woman. Yes, I am ultra-organised, but I am also risky and irresponsible with some things. I am by no means a quiet, reserved Virgo woman. I do embrace femininity like most of my fellow females Virgos, but anyone who has known a Virgo man or Woman knows they adore sex and are kinky fuckers.

Capricorns are also sexy kinksters. Fucksake!

Anyway's, we chatted for just over two hours on the phone! And I never felt any reason to end the call. He was open, very open and straight to the point (just like my Capricorn bumblebee buddy). I will call him "Fun-nut" from now on. So it went well with him anyway.

On another note, LMAO, Bumble-wumble has had a very terrible time today, awww bless. He is calling me shortly to soothe his weary soul with my relaxing voice and no-bullshit advice :D Lol.

I asked bumble if he had sorted somewhere to stay, i.e. hotel yet. He said he was doing it at the time when I text him, so I said, "Well, you could always hook up with a hooker and stay in her crack den." He replied, "Fuck off," and I knew he was stroppy, LMFAO. So I left him to simmer. He then text while I was on the phone to fun-nut saying some ultra depressing shite about his ex has got a non-molestation order out on him.

YEAH! Now you see why I cancelled our second date and any other date EVER. Lol, and that news is new news....there is only a tonnage of more shite before it too. Yeah, just buddy's my bumblebee, and as I said, it's ALWAYS good to have carpenters and builders in your life :))

Oh, 'my ex guy' came online and checked my link I sent him of a police interrogation; he likes those, dissecting people......in more ways than one. I watched it earlier and found it funny how the guy switched it on the police and interrogated the officer back, leaving her stumbling for words. Quite an amusing watch :)) I don't have any hang-ups or grudges with 'my ex guy', so it was natural to send it to him as he likes those too, as I would to any of my friends who were into it also.

He and I watched a psychopath interview when we were together. It was interesting. We paused it, talking through the body language and very subtle gestures throughout that told a whole other story the psycho was projecting.

Right, I need a wee and a coffee. Bumble will be finishing his meal and call shortly, need to find some cotton wool, lol.