If I die today
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2021-05-19 06:20:20 (UTC)

same old lifestory

nothing to interesting same struggle diffrent day. I did drink a sagria around 200 yesterday then 1 or 1.5 wine coolers at home in hte evening. I feel like such an idiot just feel so dysfunctional and living with another human kinda puts that all right out there. Nothings really on my mind if I die today well sh!T. So I'm thinking of donating a bit to impact tc Friday so thatll alievate some of that food. I have a goal to be moved by monday on Monday I'lll just give the landlord the key screw it. Probally will make more trips to the dumpster too. I'mnot havingm y heart set on donating but I feel likle I should do it bc my man. well how crappy is that if I have someone takin care of me wanting to providie and I throw away a buncha shit then decide I need to replace it. .. I dont wanna be jerkI'm sure I could by stuff online and buy my own stuff but thats not the kinda a man I got so it would be rare occasion I dont wanna be ungreatful. I'm kinda happy he is geeting a job offer he should be getting an email they said yesterday so hoping thatz good I think if he gets it I want to get him a gift like a belt and/or a wallet? I'm kinda annoyed and burnt out on life its all sorta lame I want to be wanted . so we're not gross but theres a sink full of dishes and IDk how exactly he does them so I dont even wanna try I feel like I screwed them up last time and I dont wanna ask bc i feel frusterdated and stupid are you waiting for me to wash dishes? I really dont think he's like that. Today I see the dentist for my first appointment. Man I checked out nAsp dental online reviews they're soo low here and tbh my first visit wasnt top notch but hell Ill take it I guess thats a chance we all take. What are ya gonna do people suck life kinda sucks. IDK if I'll ever find my way but this is it I guess.