This Is It - 2021
2021-05-16 00:00:00 (UTC)

Hair on Fire


The grill-out today was nice. My "surprise" for my mother failed, as the dye I tried to use on my hair absolutely REFUSED to take. At all. I sat there with semi-permanent dye on my head for 45 minutes and NOTHING stayed in. I know my hair's dark and all but it still should've at least tinted it or something. Guess I know that brand's not for me now

The food was really good though - I think the new grill's charcoal-powered? Something that caused the burgers to cook "differently" or something, I don't really know no one trusts me to try and take on a grill (especially not myself) But it turned out really nice, which was good for a first attempt!

Speaking of first attempts, after the failure of one on my hair, I think I'm going to go and just get myself some Manic Panic tomorrow and make this work out

(Oh and I totally forgot but I went to get a Squishmallow earlier and the cashier said they knew me and I feel. So bad. because I did not recognize them at ALL. I am so bad with faces and names and just...remembering people in general. Or just remembering anything in general. Y'know, it's probably not GREAT that that's how my memory works, but oh well. ~It is what it is~

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