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2021-05-18 20:19:47 (UTC)


I did something pretty fun. Not too long ago, I picked up a solo game called "You Are The Dungeon," where you throw a die, draw some cards, and use them along with your drawings to create a story about some kind of dungeon, who wanders into it, and who survives.

A "Foray" describes an incursion from Adventurers, and describes a little about each of them, and whether or not they survive. A "Fallow" describes a period of time after the adventurers have left (or I suppose, all been killed), and the evil and/or oddity of the dungeon has a chance to grow.

This is my first go-round at it. I found it pretty entertaining, so I may be periodically recording my game records here.

About the Map:
This is just a brief sketch I made of the base of the lighthouse and the modest quarters at its base. The top floor of the lighthouse, perhaps another 40 feet up a winding stairwell, is pictured on the left.

As an aside, I used a random Tarot Card Draw website and a random name generator to create some content for these results.


Episode One: The Haunted Lighthouse
*** What was your original form?
Seaside lighthouse and living quarters for the lighthouse keeper, plus a small barracks for visitors.

*** Who was responsible for your creation?
A trio of local merchants were charged by the ruling parliament to fund the construction of the lighthouse. These three were selected because their goods were the most plentiful coming through the strait overseen by the structure.

*** What evil took root in your heart?
Seafaring raiders sent a party of bandits to overrun the lighthouse and capture its inhabitants before they sailed in to the port city to pillage. A small detachment of headstrong trappers happened to be staying in the barracks at the time of the raid, and instead of heeding the words of the keeper to surrender, they put up a defense. The trappers were overwhelmed easily, and fled before they were seriously injured. In retaliation, the bandits brutally slew the lighthouse keeper and his family.

*** What foul being first heeded the call of your curse?
Curses against the trappers and their clan escaped the lips of the lighthouse keeper upon his dying breath. Ghosts of the lighthouse keeper's family now haunt the watch and the quarters of the property. Though the pirate raid was successful, the port town eventually recovered. The haunting of the lighthouse persisted however, and a new structure was built for use instead. This lighthouse has since fallen into disrepair and neglect, and is avoided by the port town's inhabitants.

Number of Adventurers: 5
Survivors: 30% (2 whole, 1 grievously injured)

1. Greyson Midlander (DEAD)
Disposition: Prideful Vintner
Fate: Discovered a jade puzzle box. Decorated with grapevines and fruit. Upon finding it, buried it to hide from the others, intending to retrieve it later. Overnight, a strange stand of brambles emerged in its place. The Vintner became stuck in the brambles while attempting to recover the box, he bled to death while becoming entangled in the vines.

2. Wallace Carvell (SURVIVED)
Disposition: Gracious Cowherd
Fate: Saw a glint of gold at the bottom of a well. Was watering his two cows that had joined him and the rest of the group on their journey, and kept thinking it was the face of a small child that he saw. Shaking his head, he finally assumed it was just the reflection of the full moon. Something had spooked his cows, and he ran off to the grasslands on the way to the port town, not returning to the lighthouse (neither that night, nor ever again).

3. Mother Superior Helena (SURVIVED, NOT WHOLE)
Disposition: Kind Temple Mother
Fate: Heard the repeating chorus of a neverending song. It was the ghostly shanty of the bandits that had raided the lighthouse years before. Kept awakening at night, and was driven insane from the sound of the sea shanty blended with the cries of terror and pain from their innocent victims. Became a convalescing ward of the temple - instead of its superior - for the brief remainder of her troubled life.

4. Marlon Pierce (DEAD)
Disposition: Content Fletcher
Fate: Dreamt of being trapped underwater, their feet encased in leaden boots. Fled the cottage in a panic after being awakened from a ghost-haunted nightmare, and plummeted from the sea cliff to his death.

5. Farland Winward (SURVIVED)
Disposition: Indulgent Boxer
Fate: Discovers a rich, leather-bound tome. The contents are written in a language Farland didn't understand. Woke up beneath a tree on the beach, at the base of the sea cliff. The lighthouse was over 100 feet up, and Farland couldn't remember how he ended up where he awoke. Found the body of Marlon Pierce nearby, already being picked by crabs and gulls. Vowed never to return to the lighthouse, but kept the book on his mantle for the rest of his life.

*** What bright thing was left by the adventurers?
Though no clues remained of the jade puzzle box buried by Greyson Midlander (and it's now covered with a nigh-impenetrable briar patch), Mother Superior Helena had been carrying a bejeweled necklace as part of her robes of office. They've found their way into the confines of this dungeon, currently hidden somewhere in rat tunnels beneath the barracks.

*** How have you turned its brightness into corrupting shadow?
The haunting of the lighthouse has gained strength, with this religious token being corrupted and transformed by the lighthouse keeper's enduring curse and wish for revenge. In recent months, a ghostly light can be seen flickering atop the lighthouse, though no one has admitted to venturing near it in years.

*** In the years since the adventurers, who or what has taken up residence inside of your desperate passages?
First it was typical wild rodents. But now a pack of ravenous rats has found its way into the walls and floors of the buildings. Perhaps these are attracted to the structure by the lingering malice of the raiding party and their callous killings, years ago.

*** What did the new resident add to your structure? What price did you extract from them?
The pack of rats seems to be somehow tied to the area, never venturing even a few yards from the shadow of the lighthouse tower. But within its boundaries the pack thrives. They feed off the various grapevines and brambles, being able to scamper and wind their way through the hazard with ease. A rudimentary burrow system is now emerging underneath the floors of the (southern) barrack building, the main entrance being the hearth of the western fireplace.

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