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2021-05-18 16:12:40 (UTC)

Little turds and fuckboys

Ah, the working day is a tedious one when the pfizer jab makes me feel like a hedgehog in hibernation - I cannot stop sleeping! I am in a kind of dazed state, and the moment I stop thinking and doing things, my eyes close, and I am asleep once again. Two hours here, four hours there, then all night; it's a good thing I am organised and delegate my clients' projects accordingly, or my workload would be peeing all over me right now. Let's not even talk about my own little business. I have four more designs to complete, including two fathers day designs, but my brain just cannot engage with my imagination right now.

My sex drive is stifled due to tiredness; my usual two to three times of masturbation each day has reverted to once in four days!!! You best sort yourself out pfizer because I happen to enjoy my sex! Shithead. A few of my colleagues who have had the pfizer also said they had the same tiredness. Yesterday, I slept for another two hours in the morning on top of a full nights sleep and then by half six in the evening I fell asleep on the sofa until near midnight! Madness, crazy shit.

Bumble doesn't want me out of his life for good. He sent me a long message saying many things, but the gist of it was he appreciated me and all I helped him with, and if we are not continuing to date, he wants to stay friends with me. He said he would do my shed for me with a "Sure. I can! *big smiley face*." I don't know, though, as my daughter's dad, my brother and my dad all offered to come and put my new shed together for me. See, I do have some good men in my life, LOL. Except it is my former husband and family, haha. So it doesn't count. :/

I've deleted the shitshow POF app; oh my god, so many delinquent fuckboys on there. 'My ex guy' was from there, LOL. I have stuck with Bumble, Match and Hinge instead. Much better quality of people and not rampant fuckboy's. Smh.....

So hinge I only just downloaded today, it is not set up correctly yet, but so far, it looks like a load of pretty boys - not into pretty boys. It asks you to complete stupid ponsy, OTT questions to complete your profile, or you cannot adjust your preferences! Annoying. On match, I've spoken to a few guys, but one guy and I have gelled well, he is alright, but he lives too far away and even though I keep adding to the end of almost every response, "but you live miles away" (2 hrs!) he is smitten and keeps pursuing me.

On the Bumble app, there is a guy who lives 30 mins from me; he is tasty, tasty, tasty! Good job, and it turns out after us talking for a few days that he says he is sort of a switch, more alpha than submissive - I have more experience than him, though, in the balance and roles. From what I dissected, it is only the fact that he is exceptionally explorative of his body; I am unsure he is a switch at all and wholly more dominant in character. He is very interested in me, I have not divulged my lengthy experiences in the roles, but he is analysing me. He told me he wants a woman (a switch type) to begin a relationship with and explore together.

I am indifferent; as it stands, I am just trying to stay awake for long enough to complete my responsibilities. I love my daughter with all of my heart. She is such an amazing young lady; she even cooked for us yesterday. We had such a funny time shopping on Sunday too, and when we got back home, she couldn't wait to put in place all the cool accessories we bought for our newly designed downstairs lavatory room, lol. I sent Bumble, Phil, Vicky, Angela, my family the photos, and they thought it looked classy. Yeah, that's right, my little chickens, I am a classy lady :P Bumble said, "Wow! You've got an amazing eye for design." thoughts were, "Duh".


Ed messaged me after I blanked him for last Thursday's sex date. Ed always comes back, but that's likely because I never gave him any before. You know what men are like, two brains, lol. Anyway, he caught me on a very sleepy day that caused fed-up syndrome :) He said, "C'mon, talk to me, tell me what has happened? What's wrong?" So I let loose, not at him as I don't have any issue with him or anyone for that matter. He listened, then offered support, suggestions etc. Okay, thanks, Ed, you naughty little narcissist pouncing at a prime opportunity again, haha. I haven't lost my spice or grit just because I was being a mong, Ed-ster. You little turd.