Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-05-18 02:23:46 (UTC)

Breathe me in...

I understand our energies are still connected. His bad days drain my energy, my mood lowers, im lathargic, and I seek peace, hermitised, I become introverted and disinterested in everything, needing to rejuvenate in solace and level my equilibrium.

I wish he would stop reacting to outside influences, they never served him well. He is war and will always relish in the fight but he doesn't have the strength of soul to withstand it - like I do.

It was something he never discovered in me; the rapid winds he flys upon don't offer stillness. He missed so much of who I am. So you see, the degrees in psychology cannot and never will not substitute for the woman who is in tune with her universe, her essence.

Today, I allowed you to breathe me in again, knowing my energy would be depleted, yet I have mastered the storm, my dear, but you have a long way to go.

It's unclear how much longer I'll allow you to feel me through your soul, drown me in your thoughts and swim in your lust. But what I do know is, the infancy of your knowing was the downfall for an incredible journey with a remarkable woman.