La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-05-17 19:53:00 (UTC)

Pull yourself together always.

I don't always have to be strong. Sometimes I need to scream, cry, cuse, trow things if I must and have a good cry. But I always remember to pull myself back together, then I smile and go out to being the badass woman that I am. I am stronger than my problems. And I will find a solution. This morning was though but am over it now. I will look for the right moment to talk about what hapend and figure things out. As I was thinking aboout the words that where expressed and the hurt that came with them I realize how harmful it is to asume things. Here I am listening to an argument that has no foundation what soever, but then I put myself in his place and it all meade perfect sense. Sometimes we forget to see things from a difrend angle, the one that is not ours but the person whom you are speaking to at the moment. And this morning the pain that I was feeling had everything to do with me, yet as soon as I stopped making it about me, it turned arround and made me see things difrently. I need to put this more in to practice man, it's defently not easy being empathetic yet it sure is necesary at times. So all in all I am ok I will be ok and I will continue to learn from every thing that is going on in my life at the moment.

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