Being Sam
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2021-05-17 18:26:31 (UTC)

Work from Home

The red/green shift system is now in place at work and this week being a red week means I'm back working from home. Perks are not having to do my makeup and being able to sit in my Adidas jumper with my hair in a pony tail all day but the cons are being in a room alone with no background chatter, no people to banter with or bounce ideas off of. The Internet is shitty and my patience seems to become non existent and its worse when Dean is at home because he seems to think I'm there to make him cups of tea and his dinner like he doesn't have his own fucking arms and legs.

God, can you tell I'm tired and cranky? I just can't be arsed today. I havent laughed enough. I think I'm going to go for a jog and see if feeling like I'm going to die for an hour will leave me feeling any brighter.

In other news, Izzy asked if she could be vegetarian last week. She's been eating meat free for over a week now and seems happy with herself for it. I'm not sure if it's a phase or something she will stick with but I'm happy to respect her choices. I will admit it's a pain in the arse come tea time, making separate things, but I'm getting the hang of it. Today we had Jambalaya and I just made a mini pan of it with the fake chicken and sausages for Iz but used all the same flavours and veg. She liked it and I didn't feel as stressed since I wasn't making two completely different things.

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