La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-05-17 16:41:00 (UTC)

together for better or worse

New week, to get motivated about all the newest projects in my agenda. Some are moving foward and some because of the election process have been put on hold, yet it's ok to hold on a little longer, just because this one thing that I'm working on is about to be blown out of proportion in the next four weeks and maybe it's just best to get prepared for it all. I had the oportunity to grow a lot this weekend, but also to have some wounds be reopened and that always trows me of balance, so yes am struggling a little emotion wise. A lot was exposed, wounds that I honestly considered had been healed. But being the first time he goes to the shrink is to be expected. He just began and I have been working my inner peace since a while back. So I just hope he can get ready to make the best of what he is getting out of and figuring out yourself is never an easy task. I will be suportive, and patiente I have been for a long time, so for me to see him reach this point is a big thing a big step to do. So never hessitate to help some one out when they are trying to figure themselves out, specialy when the result will be for the better of you both. Wish me luck. have a nice week start peeps. Life is beutiful remember that.