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2021-05-17 09:12:42 (UTC)

Nice crisp morning 😊

Got up early this morning feeling so refreshed. First thought? Who am I and what did I did with my usual me? Not a morning person and if I did get up early, it will involve some staggering to through the hallway hoping there is leftover coffee in the coffee press. Today? Nope. All good so far. I make like a cat and twist my body around stretching and touching myself. Not because I'm horny (maybe a little) or wanting to do any yoga. I'm just trying to assess what part of my body aches from last week's workouts. Well, glad to say that I'm feeling fine. No pain, awake, and loving the chilly morning we are having here in California. I'm pleasantly surprised by this temperature. It's 57° F which is 13.9 C. I'm loving the chilly air. I slept in shorts so try as I might, I had to change to sweat pants because.... brrrr.. πŸ₯Ά

So a few min later, I have my coffee brewed. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Holding the cup gingerly with both hands to get my hands warm while I sip this cup of coffee. Taking that sip and saying that international sound of approval which is aaaaahhhhh ☺️. My work is all caught up. Bossman didn't assign me any new work yet so I am on pace this week. I only have one thing to take care of today so I have a very light schedule.

In 7 days, I get to bring my truck to the shop to get my next mod installed. I'm making it go vroom-vroom a little faster. Changing my differentials to 4.88s. Was thinking about 5.29 but I know I go with the flow traffic at time and that's going 80 mph and that's 129 Kph. The revs may be too high for that if I went 5.29 so 4.88 it is.

Also, my gym changed their rules. At least for the gyms in Nevada. Masks are now optional if you had your shots. CA? Not yet but hopefully soon. If people complain about wearing masks while they're out there walking, shopping, etc, etc, you should try it while doing crossfit. Feels like I'm waterboarding myself at times. My mask gets soaked from all my sweat so it makes it really hard to breath. I did buy mask inserts and that helped a lot. It pushes the mask away from your lips so there is a gap between your lips and the mask. Breathing is easier with this and should I want to wear lipstick soon, I can do so without ruining my lipstick. πŸ€ͺ

Forgot to mention I sold some of my old truck parts to someone yesterday. I upgraded the side turn signals and my front grill and this guy came to pick it up. Glad he did because I was thinking of just purging them and tossing it in the trash. Instead, I got some money out of it. He also commented that my truck still looked showroom shiny. hehe. Well, I do admit I wax my truck more than needed. I just find it relaxing to do so. Anyway, I'm ready to take on the week!! Happy Monday everyone!!

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