If I die today
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2021-05-17 07:46:56 (UTC)

cry n wine

Recovered from yesterdays whatever mood. It shaped up to be a good day. Yeah I cried my life I feel like I suck. I just am not functional like IDK I dont know how people do it . Most things I try to do even impressive to me are just meh to others. Ok so the need to know medically. Marigita wine yesterday. Still on track with vitimains n stuff. Diet is just slop its whatever I practiclly ate a whole bag of microwaved popcorn yesterday we shared but lets be real I ate it. I've been microwaving stuff too I'm not into microwaces but gotta do what ya gotta do. yesterday around 3 or 4ish we got our fishing lincenceses the beauty of a real man he provided everythin then we went fishin it was my first time fishing I did catch one fish He wasnt getting any bites even. The dog was making me neverous giving me anxiety I worried about him the water and just couldnt focus. IDK sooo overall I think it wwas a great expiernce I liked it but I dont feel like I have the skill or could learn it all yesterday. I think that worst case scenrio I have to give up all my stuff I need to calm down I"m okay right. IDK why I'm stressing I do have means.. right now to replace things one at a time but IDK I guess preparedness can go out the window. I'm not right in the mind bc stress but maybe in time. TOday I'm not working on the apt . I think I need to get back into execersizinf too I' am gaining weight plus my stress and diet is awful. I need to realy push for that move and get it done so I can destress and get into a routine. Well tieme to get into the day.

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