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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-05-17 11:14:14 (UTC)

Answering a few questions❤️

Listening to: Spending my time - Roxette (oldie but a goodie lol)
"I only fall in love with souls. I never fall in love with people. People change. They come and go. But a soul remains forever. I suppose that is why when I love, it is a deep love. An unconditional love. A forever love"
Good Afternoon!☀️
Such a gorgeous day again. It's high 20's today and humidity this week will feel mid 40's. Excited! Peaks of summer through the spring. I went for a run again in the park this morning around 8, it was already warm by that time and the early birds were out walking the park as well. A few smiles and waves from people I seem to come across each time I am there. I sat by the dam for a bit and just listening to music before coming home. I had a shower, ran a few errands and here I am lol. I had some more weird dreams. I was reading about dreams last night and spiritual meanings and they say the ones you remember, aren't dreams. They are messages from your angels. Ones you don't remember are just that, dreams. I do remember mine from last night. I have noticed since I been diving deeper into my abilities and spiritual activities my dreams are so much more. I felt like I laid down and immediately woke to the morning. I do feel wide awake and refreshed though. My knee is still feeling good. It's the little things.

I have been asked a few questions by two long-time readers (thank you for caring❤️) so I thought I would answer them here. One is if I seeing anyone and if I am still submissive. Another is if I am on those Ds sites. First, no, I am not on those Ds websites at the moment, nor do I desire to be. As far as am I still a submissive? It's not something you can turn off and on. Submissive is who I am, to the core of me, not a role I play. I am not seeking a Dom. I am not seeking a Ds relationship at the moment. It would take someone incredible to change my mind on that and make me feel my submission again. I am taking time to focus on myself. Am I seeing anyone? Well, while I am not actively seeking to be with someone, I do speak to people in general, just not from Ds websites. I am patient. I believe in divine timing. I know my *one* will find me when the universe brings us together. I am a big believer in Soulmates, Twin Flames, Karmic. I believe my *one* is out there and will find me, my luck, he's stubborn and won't ask for directions haha.

Well, going to go get a few more things done.

Have a wonderful day!❤️

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