my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-16 21:29:04 (UTC)

struggling with anger

I woke up with stomachache. I experience it almost every spring. I tried to sleep until breakfast. My cousin called my mother after breakfast. Not only about this stuff but she is a real asshole. We’ve just learnt that she’ll get engaged 3 days later. So, we’re invited to her fucking “party”. Hate is one of the strongest words that I avoid. So, I don’t hate nobody. I just don’t like my cousin and I find her nonsense. If we weren’t relatives, I wouldn’t want to be her friend and probably look at her face.

Anyway, if you remember I was going to do lots of things for today but I lost all of my joy. So, I didn’t do anything in my to do list. I played my guitar with its old strings. I’m planning to change them next week.

My cousin and her mother called us a lot. I practiced German and chess rest of the day. Because I didn’t want to hear something about her.
Before writing this diary, I talked with my friends.

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