If I die today
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2021-05-16 12:45:26 (UTC)

messy faults

I dont know what I'm exspecting outta life the struggle is real and yeah its really my fault ok major events nothing of course I dirnk . Had panda express for dinner tried the new steak and shrimp I'm allerigic how annoying. but whatever I didnt die or stop breathing. Im grumpy just got done attempting work on my apt. IDK what to do yLindse did take a box of stuff but nothing taht really put in a dent but I'm super gald theres stuff she could use theere. I think I'm gross I guess I am everywhere I go is always a mess and sh!t IDK what to do and of course my love probally has seen I'm a wrecking ball I just dont know how to do things and its like I cant learn how to IDK what to do but crying sounds good but how can that be an option noone understands maybe its an autsim thing an attudide thing but I'm overwhelemd wtih everything right now and I just dont know what I want or exspect . Society likes to comfort with its not your fault but the truth is it IS my fault everttyihgns a mess its not cirsustmical its me and I just need to claim my faults and do better but IDK how. I do know I'm the problem. I'm kinda feel ling like poop mentally so I wanna lay down but thats a wrap