This Is It - 2021
2021-05-15 00:00:00 (UTC)

Snip and Sleep


Another quarantine day, another impulsive decision to take clippers to my own head. My small attempt at a COVID mullet-hawk is gone, and my normal shoddy, shaved-at-home undercut is back. I'd heard enough comments from my mom about how long my hair was getting and how much I needed to get a haircut lol. So now she gets the DIY'd 'do back - Not that she actually cares at all what I do with my hair. I think she'll mostly be impressed I managed to get it as even as I did with no help (even if it is a bit higher than I originally intended - the clippers were much stronger than expected)

Other than my hair adventures, I bought sodas, watched Ducktales ('17, not '87), and enjoyed the wonderful chance to sleep in and not be forced out of the bed with the sun. I've drank some chamomile tea and now I'm going to go to sleep at a semi-decent hour so I can wake up at a semi-decent time tomorrow and get some fun stuff done (like TikToks...and maybe more kinda impulse hair decisions) before we have a nice family time grilling hot dogs/burgers (which apparently we're also doing tomorrow)

It should be fun. As they say - Family is the greatest adventure of all~

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